T.N.T. Chat Transcript: Glen Johnson


T.N.T. Chat Transcript: Glen Johnson

Original Chat Session on November 2, 2004

thehype: Boxingtalk would like to welcome Glen Johnson to tonight's T.N.T. chat session

jgoo: glen congrats on ur win over jones, how do u prepare urself for tarver? long live king jones

GLEN_JOHNSON: Well, pretty much the same thing. I will train and spar with southpaws, make sure my condition is up and be mentally and physically ready.

jabmalassie: Big up all yard massive.  igoo took my question but congrats and how did you get into boxing. did you pick it up back  home

GLEN_JOHNSON: I picked up boxing when I was 20 here in Miami. I was a fat dude who wanted to lose weight, eventually the trainers started paying some attention to me, brought me into amateur boxing and the rest is history,

GLEN_JOHNSON: I guess you can consider me a late bloomer.

jabmalassie: I think Jamaicans have some great athetes and there have some great Jamaican boxers I rank you up there with your recent accomplishment.

GLEN_JOHNSON: I appreciate it and big up to all the Jaimaican crew and all the massive that support me. I will represent as long as I can.

Praise_Him: okidokee, well Glen welcome back lol, my question was, are you going to come out with that same work rate as w/ rjj, and are you getting paid more for this fight? will you look for the hopkins fight if you win?

GLEN_JOHNSON: I don't know if I want to answer either one of those questions. Those are dangerous. I will fight Antonio Tarver according to the game plan my trainer and me come up with. it will be an interesting fight, grab your beer and watch it on TV

GLEN_JOHNSON: don't miss it, it's going to be a great night!

nardfan: Champ congrats on the big win.I pick you over Tarver because I think he has fulfilled his dream already.How do you stay hungry

GLEN_JOHNSON: I stay hungry because I am hungry! I got no food! I got to work hard to acheive those unfulfilled dreams. I'm a late bloomer and I'm doing as much as I can before my time runs out. Thank you for the congrats

superhigh: Glen ...is the Tarver fight signed???and how many weeks will you train...camp and do you lift weights if so how many days???Peace and glad to see you doing so good.. keep it up and best to you man....

GLEN_JOHNSON: I signed on, Tarver says it's going to happen. We had a banquet and he's looking forward to the fight. They put the press conference off twice, so I'm looking to see what next week brings. As far as I know it's a done deal. I don't have the information. I

GLEN_JOHNSON: am in training right now and I will train up until the fight date. I normally don't lift weights, I do physical stuff like push ups and sit ups. I have some good conditioning coaches.

Method: Sup Champ, I'm that jacked motherfucker you used to see at FightClub.  Just want to say congrats on all of your success, and I'll be seein you at Fight Club in the upcoming weeks.  Who were your primary sparring partners for the showdown with Jones, AND...

Method: (you KNOW there had to be a second part) what do you have to say in response to Robert Allen's insinuation that you used to serve as HIS sparring partner (personally, I think Armed & Delerious" Allen is wack)?"

GLEN_JOHNSON: There's a lot of jacked up guys at fight club...Robert Allen asked me to spar with him and I'm not even going to go on record and tell you what happened at that sparring match.

GLEN_JOHNSON: The primary sparring partner was Alan Greene.

travismarks@hotmail.com: whats up Glen, much respect and congratulations for a great victory over my man roy. During the fight we saw flashes of the old roy, at any point during the fight did Roy hurt you?

GLEN_JOHNSON: No, there's no part of the fight where he hurt me. I was too focused , I was in a different zone. Every time he tried something I never let him feel comfortable. I wanted to be in his face at all costs.

GLEN_JOHNSON: Roy usually pops a couple of shots and then takes a breather. I noticed that and I wasn't going to allow him to rest in there. He was going to have to keep it up from round 1-12.

GLEN_JOHNSON: People say he lost his reflexes, but less than a year ago he looked like superman against a heavyweight.

Hellephant: I often read that your boxing style is similar to the one of former heavyweight champion Oliver McCall, can you see that yourself?

GLEN_JOHNSON: I don't know too much about Oliver McCall's style of fighting. Marvin Hagler and Bernard Hopkins are the guys I would try to mock, if he has a style like theirs, then I would say yes.

travismarks@hotmail.com: in the fifth round of that fight you hit roy with what i call the over hand right of death. How suprised were you that he took the punch so well? And do you think that this punch was thrown harder than the right in the 9th?"

GLEN_JOHNSON: No, the ninth round punch was better because it landed flusher. In the fifth round he was hurt but he came back a little and was able to continue. It was the same combination that knocked him out, jab, right hand. If you watch the fight I throw it a few

GLEN_JOHNSON: times and each time it got closer. It worked well in the fifth and it worked perfectly in the ninth,

nardfan: You looked very relaxed before the RJJ fight did anything in that fight suprise you?I know boxers always prepare for that x factor.It suprised me he responded with your pressure by laying on the ropes.Did you know he was hurt in the 5th?

GLEN_JOHNSON: I knew he was hurt for sure. I was relaxed, I knew how I prepared for the fight and I am very confident in my skills.

GLEN_JOHNSON: I know I was a big underdog, but I know it was a matter of time and this was the guy to fight to get the respect I deserve. I was looking forward to fight.

GLEN_JOHNSON: And there's still a couple of people out there who don't want to give me my props.

Method: Glen , it seems to me (from what I have seen of Tarver's fights) that the best way to fight him is to pressure him the way you did Roy.  Eric Hardin had great success the first time against Tarver, and was it Reggie Johnson(?) that was able to put Antonio

Method: down before dropping a decision.  How much have you studied of Antonio so far, and have you and your team had a chance to strategize or decide what tapes you plan to study?  If so, which of Tarver's fights.

Method: ALso, I would LOVE to see you whip the dogsh!t outta Joe CalSLAPPY!  Peace

GLEN_JOHNSON: I believe that my manager has a lot of his fighs. I haven't seen any of them yet. I've seen Antonio Tarver fight like three times. I'm sure he will be a great challenge and I'm sure he has a game plan.

GLEN_JOHNSON: He saw what happened to Roy Jones up close and personal, so he has a better understanding of me than I do of him. My trainer and I will study some tapes and figure out the best way for us to go at him. I'm a veteran so I'll be able to adjust to whatever he


GLEN_JOHNSON: I always have a game plan but I also know how to adjust.

GLEN_JOHNSON: I will do what it takes to win because that is my only intention.

Hellephant: Now that you are the champion, will you still fight Joe Calzaghe in Britain?

GLEN_JOHNSON: I will still fight Calzaghe but we're fighting for money, if he and his promoter come up with enough money the fight will happen.

GLEN_JOHNSON: I have no problem fighting anybody anytime.

jabmalassie: Glen johnson should fight Tyson and  continue where jones was going

GLEN_JOHNSON: I'm not Roy Jones, I like to deal with one thing at a time. If I do fight a heavyweight, I'm never coming back down. I'd stay there like Holyfield did it.

GLEN_JOHNSON: two more questions

travismarks@hotmail.com: december 18th against Tarver, what can you do to neutralize Tarvers speed? and what will be the determing factor of this fight? will it be your chin? Your stamina? What will it be?

GLEN_JOHNSON: I know how to deal with speed. Timing is what I have and that deals with the speed. Roy Jones was fast and I wasn't worried about his speed. Timing neutralizing all of that. The biggest factor is this will be the fight no one will ever have seen Tarver in

GLEN_JOHNSON: it will be entertaining no matter what happens, make sure you come out to support it!

GLEN_JOHNSON: last question.

Praise_Him: Glen did you ever get a chance to speak w/ RJJ since the fight? how much longer do you plan to stay in the fight game? what will you be doing after? fighting that is!

GLEN_JOHNSON: I didn't get the chance to talk to Roy. I saw him on TV but not in person.I will stay as long as my body feels right. As soon it's not reacting the way I want it to, I will continue to ride this wave out.

thehype: Boxingtalk would like to thank Glen Johnson for taking time out of his busy schedule to chat with us tonight

GLEN_JOHNSON: Be good everyone.