T.N.T. Chat Transcript: Gary Shaw

Original chat session on May 30, 2006


T.N.T. Chat Transcript: Gary Shaw

"Diego is Diego and the most important thing to him is making sure the fans get their moneys worth so I don't think this fight is going to be all that different from the first two."

thehype: Boxingtalk would like to welcome Gary Shaw to tonight's T.N.T. chat session

Titlebelt: Gary, Corrales has given the fans everything we could ask for in a fighter. I feel he should avoid another slugging match with Castillo, and box from the outside this time. What are your thoughts on this matchup?

Gary_Shaw: I absolutely agree. I hope he stays on the outside and moves a lot and uses his jab. He's got a tremendous jab, but Diego is Diego and the most important thing to him is making sure the fans get their moneys worth so I don't think this fight is going to be all that different from the first two.

hitman: Gary, is Barrera scared of Pac?

Gary_Shaw: Oh, I don't know. I don't represent Pacquiao any longer, but I don't think Barrera is scared of anybody. The next person who fights Barrera might win in my opinion and personally I hoping it's Juan Manuel Marquez.

Nay_Sayer: Any hot new prospects?

Gary_Shaw: Yes, I have a very hot prospect that I have had my eye on and I can't even tell you where's he located because I don't need the competition. But hopefully I'm taking a trip in July for a fighter I care a lot about. I'm also getting back with Anthony Hanshaw, who will be fighting on Winky Wright's card on June 17.

Gary_Shaw: So I think he's going to be someone to keep an eye on.

Gary_Shaw: But anyone out there who has a prospect for me needs to contact Gary Shaw at Gary Shaw Productions

Gary_Shaw: There's also a young man in NYC I've got my eye on.

COONEY: Hey Gary who are some of the candidates for Jeff's comeback fight

Gary_Shaw: My first choice was Peter Manfredo Jr but he declined it. I don't know why because I don't know what fights he's got coming down the pike.

Gary_Shaw: Mikkel Kessler might be another one.

Gary_Shaw: Yusef Mack is another one.

Gary_Shaw: There's a super middleweight tournament we're working on for Shobox.

Gary_Shaw: There will be eight fighters and the last two standing will open on Showtime Championship Boxing in the first quarter of 2007.

sweetchuck: hey Gary, when are we going to see The Donaire's again?

Gary_Shaw: Some time this summer. I was trying to do Glenn with Arce and I'm waiting to meet with his manager in Las Vegas.

Gary_Shaw: And of course Darchinyan would love to fight Arce, but I have a feeling Arce is running from anybody who could really fight.

Titlebelt: Gary, Jeff Lacy's style has been very effective and has brought him this far in his career. If any changes are to be made to Jeff's style of fighting, what would they be?

Gary_Shaw: I would think his defense and I think he needs to use his jab a lot more and just be Jeff and just relax. Jeff has great punching power and I have alot of confidence in Jeff and I feel he'll be world champion in two or three fights.

Gary_Shaw: I'd fight Markus Beyer with Jeff anytime

Gary_Shaw: You have to remember, Jeff went into the Lion's Den. You saw Ricky Hatton in life and death outside of his comfort zone so Jeff deserves credit for taking the fight there.

hitman: Gary, do you still have any kind of relationship with Fernando Vargas? how much do you think he has left?

Gary_Shaw: Yes I do believe I have a good relationship with him. I think he's got a lotleft and I thought he would have beaten Mosley if his eye didn't close. I think that he'll move up to 160 and I wouldn't be surprised if he captured a title up there.

hitman: Gary, do you still have any kind of relationship with Fernando Vargas? how much do you think he has left?

Nay_Sayer: Is Jeff looking @ different trainers. Boxing is a good thing....

Gary_Shaw: no.

Gary_Shaw: He works with Dan Birmingham and there's no intention of changing his trainer.

Gary_Shaw: And we've got a terrific fight on Shobox Friday night with Eric Harding and Chad Dawson.

COONEY: Hey Gary How long did you work with Zab Judah..and do you think he will ever live up to his potential

Gary_Shaw: I worked with Zab Judah for three years and yes he can absolutely live up to his potential. He's a great fighter with great style and he showed what he could do with Mayweather for the first few rounds.

Gary_Shaw: He has to get comfortable and perform how he's capable of performing.

sweetchuck: Shane Cameron impressed me when I saw him in Reno and Tahoe, will he be fighting on TV anytime soon?

Gary_Shaw: Right now he's in Australia and he's competing over there, but we'll probably bring him back in 2007.

hitman_hatton1: if corrales beats castillo on saturday night, is ricky hatton the next target for diego??? when will jeff lacy be back in action???

Gary_Shaw: No. Only Ricky hatton and Dennis Hobson think so. If they're willing to come over and fight on Showtime who have been extremely loyal to Chico, maybe something could be done.

Gary_Shaw: I don't see that being Chico's next fight

Gary_Shaw: He still makes 135 easily and there's still fish to fry.

Gary_Shaw: We still have Morales, maybe Barrera will move up and we could also finish off Freitas once and for all.

Gary_Shaw: Maybe Juan Diaz.

Gary_Shaw: There's lots of guys at lightweight and there's guys at 130 who will probably be coming up to 135.

Gary_Shaw: and when he wins this fight if Castillo went over to 140 and fought Cotto that would probably be the first fight we'd want at 140 the winner of that fight

Gary_Shaw: And what happened to Ricky at 147? Did he decide he didn't want to fight there?

Gary_Shaw: Or was it the weather in the US?

Gary_Shaw: The first fight for Ricky Hatton should be Vivian Harris

Gary_Shaw: Why is he calling out 135 pounders?

Gary_Shaw: I offered the Hatton people through HBO, Vivian Harris, and they ran from him to go to 147

Gary_Shaw: If they're coming down to 140, I'm ready to sign the deal and it will take less than a day to close the fight.

dubya: Is the castillo/cotto fight set in stone or is it dependent upon him beating corrales? that is a fight we'd love to see.

Gary_Shaw: According to what Arum told me, if Castillo would beat Corrales he would want to do Castillo and Cotto. That's what he and Todd have told me.

Gary_Shaw: In boxing though, there's a lot of room between the statement and reality.

WindyCityPlaya: Did you pay Castillo the 150k for the bet he won?

Gary_Shaw: first of all the bet was 100,000 and I didn't pay him because I issued a check at ringside to pay and I told them to put up their money and they refused, therefore no bet.

Gary_Shaw: I put my money where my mouth was, they didn't.

bamaburke: Honestly, do you think hatton versus corralles happens no matter who wins the upcoming fight

Gary_Shaw: No

Gary_Shaw: Honestly, I don't think it happens and I already explained why.

Gary_Shaw: Both Corrales and Castillo have a deal with Showtime.

Gary_Shaw: I don't see either one of them fighting Hatton. If he wants to fight at 140, fight Vivian Harris and if he wants to show how good he is at 147, he should fight Antonio Margarito.

Gary_Shaw: I didn't think Hatton won the fight. Assuming he did, he should also give the guy a rematch or just admit that welterweight was too much for him.

Gary_Shaw: I think the fighter or trainer said for crazy money they'd fight at 147 and that's not the way it should be.

Gary_Shaw: Pick a weight and start to fight the best at that weight, period.

WindyCityPlaya: If the Hatton Harris fight doesn't come through what fight would you try and make with Harris?

Gary_Shaw: Obviously, I'm very superstitous.

Gary_Shaw: He's fighting on HBO BAD against Mike Arnaoutis and I have a grudge against Arnaoutis and his management.

Gary_Shaw: They pulled a sleazy move with me and I'll announce it right here on Boxingtalk.com, that Vivian is getting a cash bonus from me if he knocks Arnaoutis out.

Gary_Shaw: We have to get through that fight first, when he wins, which I'm sure he will, I'd like to get him a title shot.

Gary_Shaw: There's a lot of vacancies in the IBF and WBA, but we would fight Miguel Cotto if they wanted to fight, Juan Urango, Lovemore N'dou, Corley

Gary_Shaw: Witter anybody

Gary_Shaw: I believe Vivian is good enough to beat em all.

thehype: Boxingtalk would like to thank Gary Shaw for taking time out to chat with us tonight

Gary_Shaw: Let's go to overtime

Gary_Shaw: and give me two more questions

Gary_Shaw: So many hatton questions

Gary_Shaw: Why doesn't he just come down to 135?

Gary_Shaw: Maybe then he could call out Marco Antonio Barrera and Manny Pacquiao.

hitman_hatton1: what about a carlos maussa rematch lol

Gary_Shaw: I would do that in a second, but I don't think it serves any purpose and I'm not sure HBO would take it. Right now it's about getting Vivian a world title, that's my obligation to him.

Gary_Shaw: Yes. I'm not afraid to take my fighters out of their homeland. I'm a purebred and I've been around a long time. I believe it's who they fight that makes a champion not where they fights.

Gary_Shaw: Yes. I'm not afraid to take my fighters out of their homeland. I'm a purebred and I've been around a long time. I believe it's who they fight that makes a champion not where they fights.

Gary_Shaw: I really want to fight Hatton with Vivian Harris.

Gary_Shaw: Hatton got a gift, not just because he's Ricky Hatton, but because the scoring system is flawed. You shouldn't have to knock somebody down to get a 10-8 round

Gary_Shaw: If you knock someone down, it should be 10-7 unless they come back. There's some rounds where a guy is getting beaten all over the ring. Those rounds should be 10-8.

Gary_Shaw: A fight with Vivian Harris means something for Ricky Hatton. Tell him to leave the lightweights alone and look for the best available at 140 if that's where he wants to fight.

Gary_Shaw: Hatton says he doesn't want to fight harris because he disrespected him, but this isn't about respect it's about fighting to show the world who the best is.

Titlebelt: Gary, Do you feel Corrales has stated this is his last fight with Castillo because he plans on boxing Castillo in this 3rd matchup, and a fourth fight wouldn't compare with their first two matches?

Gary_Shaw: I just think that Chico really believes that 3 fights with one guy is enough, win, lose or draw. There will not be a fourth fight.

Gary_Shaw: After a while, how many sequels can you give the fans even though all of the fights are great.

Gary_Shaw: I think it's time they both moved on but first they're going to be going to war once more on Saturday night.

Gary_Shaw: In closing, I want to thank everyone for chatting with me. After this chat, I invite you to check out my website. And if you're 40 years or older, please get a blood test for Prostate cancer. it's just a blood test. Floyd Patterson just died from it and it's a silent killer. The test is simple and not costly and it could save your life.

Gary_Shaw: It saved mine so please get tested once a year. 

Gary_Shaw: And if you ever have any questions, feel free to contact me at my website or through Boxingtalk.

Gary_Shaw: And shout out to Greg Leon