T.N.T. Chat Transcript: Fres Oquendo

Original chat session on November 7, 2006


T.N.T. Chat Transcript: Fres Oquendo

"He's putting himself into a dangerous position if he tries to rush me..."

thehype: Boxingtalk would like to welcome Fres Oquendo to tonight's T.N.T. chat session

Jonnyblaze: hey fres,i'm wondering what are you planning to do if holyfield tries to get at you like he did against bates??do you consider holyfield the toughest fight you've ever had??

FRES OQUENDO: He's putting himself into a dangerous position if he tries to rush me and I think Holyfield has a little bit more sense than to try to rush me like he did to Bates.

FRES OQUENDO: I'm the best counter punching heavyweight on the mountain right now.

Fighting-Irish: hi fres, im a big fan of yours from ireland. and in my opinion you will still become world champ. You have had a good pro career so far, but what did you achieve as an amateur and have u fought any irish fighters

FRES OQUENDO: I was a five time Chicago Golden Gloves champ, a national Golden Gloves, US Olympic festivals.

FRES OQUENDO: I probably fought a few Irish guys in the Golden Gloves but I don't remember who they were

Aceofblades: Hi Mr. Oquendo, what do you think about the prospects of a Oquendo vs. Ruiz fight in Puerto rico, Have you thought about making this fight happen? And if so what type of style would you use to beat him?

FRES OQUENDO: It would be spectacular if he was champion, but it makes no sense right now unless he wins the title. But I would definitely consider a rematch to get back at him for what happened, but it has to be for a title.

Iron Mike: Fres you've only had 2 fights since '04 because of injuries, do you feel the time off was a good thing or a bad thing for your career? Do you feel as good as ever now?

FRES OQUENDO: There's been some controversy with my managers, but I've turned it around with two great wins and now I'm back on the map

derrick: hello fres would you say tua is the hardest puncher you ever faced and how was it working with king?

FRES OQUENDO: The hardest puncher I faced? I gotta give it to Duncan Dokiwari. I fought him in the co-main to Tyson-Botha, but thankfully I was able to knock him down, beat him up and dominate him.

FRES OQUENDO: If you want to get a title shot, go with King, he'll make that happen. But if you want to make that money, I wouldn't recommed going with him. It was an adventure.
FRES OQUENDO: There's no love lost. It's just business. Now I've moved on to the next chapter of my career.

yuca: hello from pr, oquendo, are you coming to box holyfield since he is older than you, or will you try to ko him to send a message accross? good luck

FRES OQUENDO: Like I tell people, I'm going to do my fight.

FRES OQUENDO: I'm technical, younger, stronger and faster. I'm going to fight my fight, not for anyone but me and my people and I'm going to do whatever it takes to win.

Bryan AKA SUPERMAN: Fres, good to see you on here bro. Do you feel as though a win over Holyfield will get you the respect you're in search of? If you defeat Evander, which belt holder do you want a crack at? Best of luck Friday night! 

FRES OQUENDO: I'm the top ten in the WBO and he's in the top ten in the WBC, so either of those guys, Shannon Briggs or Oleg Maskaev, would be fine with me.

FRES OQUENDO: God permitting.

FRES OQUENDO: That's my goal. I'm ready to go twelve rounds if it goes that far, but I doubt it will. Me personally, I don't think it goes twelve.

carlos@airtechspray.com: Fres, Do you think Holyfield Has anything left?
FRES OQUENDO: Yeah, he's got a lot left. He hasn't lived a hard life like some other guys who are out there buck wild. He doesn't drink or smoke, so even though he's up there in age, he's still pretty dangerous.

Jonnyblaze: hey fres,my trainer trained obed sullivan,do you think he had alot of power??

FRES OQUENDO: Obed is a warrior and he's a marine, a tough marine. He took some of my best shots in an epic war until he couldn't take no more. But I have some great memories sparring with him from when I was younger and I learned a lot from me.
FRES OQUENDO: He's very strong.

thehype: Boxingtalk would like to thank Fres Oquendo for taking time out to chat with us tonight