T.N.T. Chat Transcript: Felix "Tito" Trinidad

Original Chat Session on February 8, 2005


T.N.T. Chat Transcript: Felix "Tito" Trinidad

"Winky will be #36 KO!"

superhigh: Tito

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thehype: Boxingtalk would like to welcome Felix “Tito" Trinidad to tonight's T.N.T. chat session

AGuzman: Hi Tito. As a future Hall of famer, what fight(s) would you say  defined your career (Vargas, De La Hoya, Joppy)? Are you also looking forward to a rematch with Hopkins? If so when? Buena Suerte Hermano y Fres Oquendo te manda saludos de Chicago tambien!!

TITO_TRINIDAD: The fight that defined my career was the first championship with Maurice Blocker and my showdown with Hector Camacho. If Hopkins wants to fight we'll do it, it's up to him. I send you my regards.

ALEX: TITO,ESTAS CONCIENTE QUE WINKY ES UN PELEADOR  DERECHO QUE PELEA  A LO ZURDO? Y SI ES ASI COMO DETENDRAS EL JAB Y ESE FUERTE GANCHO DE DERECHA Q ES SU MANO FUERTE? (Tito, are you aware that Winky is a right-handed fighter that fights southpaw? Is that how you’re going to stop his jab and that strong right hook, which is his power punch?)

TITO_TRINIDAD: Look, it doesn't really matter that he's an orthodox fighter who fights southpaw. I fought many southpaw fighters and I beat them all so this won't be any different.

AKay: Wassup Tito! My question is do you feel that your legs are more stable now that you have settled into the middlewieght division and what do you attribute all the knockdowns earlier in your career to?

AKay: Aguadilla PR in the house!

TITO_TRINIDAD: I feel that my legs have always been stable when I enter the ring. I come in great condition and I love to knock people out, that's why I think I have so many.

pjmac: Tito you are an all time great and my fvorite fighter of all time where do you get your power from and when are the tickets going on sale ill be at the mgm ps i was in pr on my honey moon when you beat vargas it was the best time of my life my wife is pr

TITO_TRINIDAD: I think it comes from my great conditioning, training and my big heart. I'm not sure maybe at the press conference they'll say something. I expect the details about the tickets will be given there.

DYCE: Tito, my son was named after you. Wanted to let you know what you mean to us. In the past you used more combos and head movement. When you came back from retirement you used headmovement, is that your plan against winky

TITO_TRINIDAD: I'm honored that you named your son after me. When I fight Winky I'm coming to the ring the complete package.

todaline: Hi Tito, I keep hearing Hopkins saying that you avoided him. Where's the truth? Did he avoid you? I see you getting rid of Wright in 5 and Hopkins in 9. Good luck.

TITO_TRINIDAD: The truth is that he was supposed to give the rematch and he failed. What was the reason, I don't  know. I was willing to fight him but he didn't want to fight me.

jcuadrad: TITO!TITO!TITO!Much Love for you TITO! I would like to know if it's true that your dad stopped training you two weeks before your fight with Hopkins?  Also,Please knock him out the next time you fight him I have a lot of faith in you! TITO POR VIDA!

TITO_TRINIDAD: That's not the truth, we took a couple of days off, that was it.

attyg3: Tito, I'm curious how much longer u want to fight, and what are your goals now that you've come out of retirement? How far up in weight could you see yourself fighting at? Thanks Tito for making the fights the fans want, and not fighting Hakkars\Allens.

TITO_TRINIDAD: I don't exactly know but two or years more at most. I'm really not sure because we haven't decided that yet.  As far as my goals, I want to be the first Puerto Rican fighter to get four world titles in four different weight categories.

Shaahir: Hola Tito, looking back on the fight with Hopkins what mistakes do YOU think you made and how will you correct them if there is a next go-around with Hopkins? This question is from your biggest fan outta Jamaica!!!!!

TITO_TRINIDAD: I think the biggest mistake was fighting on that day. Had it not been on that day, the result would have been different. And I would prove that to everybody one day, if he decides to give me the rematch.

Melsy_minos_Wife: You are mine and my husbands favorite boxer, how badly do you want to fight Hopkins again and do you have any predictions on the outcome?/ Eres el favorito de mi esposo y yo Que ganas le tienes a hopkins y que predicciones tienes de el resultado?

TITO_TRINIDAD: If the fight happens that would be great, but if it doesn't I'm cool with that also and I can't do anything about it.

TITO_TRINIDAD: And the result  would be different because Tito Trinidad would win the fight.

TITO_TRINIDAD: AND THE NEW...Felix Tito Trinidad

canada123: tito i hope thet you knockout winky because he ran from his mandatory travis simms just too get money, will you ever go back down to welter and take on kermit citron

TITO_TRINIDAD: Me at welterweight? NEVER!

TITO_TRINIDAD: I could never make welter again. No way Jose.

winkfan: Is Winky answering questions

TITO_TRINIDAD: Winky will be #36 KO

joedfromga: TITO TRINIDAD! THANK YOU for making this fight! What did you see in Winky's last fight that makes you believe you can beat him?

TITO_TRINIDAD: Winky Wright is a very good fighter, but I will come prepared like I always do and I know I'm going to beat him.

anthonynj: Tito, what do you think about Miguel Cotto and his future in boxing?

TITO_TRINIDAD: Miguel Cotto is a great fighter they're bringing him along really well and I wish him and his family all the best in his career.

Dee: Tito I am a fan you are great becuase you fight the best!!  Delachicken ran back to welterweight who is next besides wright?  Hopkins is the only that will bring you to next level everyone else is a step backwards for you.

TITO_TRINIDAD: Thanks for that, I try to fight eveyone and I don't avoid anybody. This will be a great fight and in the end I  know everything will come out well for Tito Trinidad.

Tee101: Tito, do you speak english????

TITO_TRINIDAD: English, a little bit.

superhigh: Tito....Your A Great fighter...What is your favorite punch to land and what will be the key for you to beat Winky ...he is on top of his game....Good Luck Champ and hope you fight Hopkins again too!!

TITO_TRINIDAD: The whole world know it's the left hook. But I hit hard with both hands

TITO_TRINIDAD: That's a  secret that I'm going to keep to myself and thanks for the question.

RayV.__NY: 1st, it's an honor to have you represent us Boricuas and chat with us fans , you're my favorite fighter/athlete ever. Why don't u throw more body shots (eg mayorga fight), and what kept u from punching Hopkins when he tossed our flag?? Thanks 4 your time.

TITO_TRINIDAD: I'm a professional fighter inside and outside of the ring. If I would have done something there would have been a good possibility that the fight never happened.

awesomeald: how badly did you want that fight with roy jones ?, i kno thats what don king wanted to make, that would of been the fight of the millenium! and whats the best boxing site out there?

TITO_TRINIDAD: I wanted that fight really bad. I was looking forward to it. Right now I'm back and he's retired, but maybe in the future that fight could still happen.

byrdman: I would like to see you fight lacy, whats the chance of that coming off? who would you fight if you could fight any fighter in history....cuevas, robinson, hearns, hagler?

TITO_TRINIDAD: Yes it's possible and I like that fight. I would want to fight Sugar Ray Robinson because he's the best.

J-Gon15: Whats Happening Tito? What were the reasons, why the fight venue changed? Also God willing a victory on 05/14, do you feel you will be ready for a September or October showdown with Bernard Hopkins?

TITO_TRINIDAD: The business side is something I don't handle. That's for Don King. Yes I would be ready for Hopkins in September or Oct.

J-Gon15: Gracias Tito!! Que Viva Puerto Rico/ Que Viva Tito!!!Yabucuoa, Vieques!!!!!!!

TITO_TRINIDAD: Thank you...que viva Vieques. Peace for vieques.

boriquat@yahoo.com: Much love Tito, from myself(Edgar), Angelica, and Tony. After you knock Winky out, and lets say Hopkins continues to punk out on fighting you, who is a possible next opponent for you. By the way, we will see you in Vegas! QUE VIVA PUERTO RICO!!

TITO_TRINIDAD: If Hopkins doesn't step up to the plate, I'm not sure right now. Right now I'm focused on the fight with Winky. After that we're going to sit down to see what's next.

thehype: Boxingtalk would like to thank Felix “Tito" Trinidad for taking time out to chat with us tonight.

TITO_TRINIDAD: Thanks for having me...


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