T.N.T. Chat Transcript: Evander Holyfield


T.N.T. Chat Transcript: Evander Holyfield

Original Chat Session on September 7, 2004

thehype: Boxingtalk.com would like to welcome Evander Holyfield to the chat room.

York1: In July 2002 I was introduced to you by Travis Mitchell. We had a meeting and discussed the feature film I produced. I relocated to another state and as a result we were unable to have a second meeting

York1: What's the best way to get back in touch w/you? Through Greg or MBC?

Evander_Holyfield: I don't remember that meeting you're referring to. Get back in touch with Travis

wgjett3: Evander, what are the chances that you fight Bowe.  He's said it would be a great fight. Are you looking to make a fourth fight happen?

Evander_Holyfield: It's not something I'm looking forward to but if he establish himself in the rankings then it's possible.

wgjett3: Thanks for your response.  I appreciate you taking the time.

Evander_Holyfield: Your are welcome.

blood: Evander who did you idolize growing up

Evander_Holyfield: I didn't idolize anybody growing up. I didn't fight Roy Jones because it wasn't properly set-up for me.

boxx-fann916: your most memorable fight

Evander_Holyfield: I guess the Mike Tyson first fight would be my most memorable. Another fight with Tyson is always possible.

BxVicNice: If your quest to become champ does not materialize soon with Don King will you continue to fight under another promoter or just call it a day?  Who is your next opponent and are u in fighting shape now? Thanks Champ :)

Evander_Holyfield: I'm in shape, but nothing fighting shape. My next opponent will be Brewster, probably in late November or December

TKOqueen: Out of the four heavyweight champs, who would you most like to fight?

Evander_Holyfield: Actually, I would rather for the WBA first if I had a choice, because that would make me the four time WBA champ. The WBC would make me a two time champ, the IBF would be third and the WBO would be my first time winning it

Evander_Holyfield: But all of the fights with the champs are important to me.

TheChampIsHere: Evander you have faced many big punchers in your day like Foreman, Bowe, Tyson, Mercer, and Lewis, who had the biggest punch and who went to the body the hardest??

Evander_Holyfield: I guess one biggest puncher could have come from George Foreman, but who went to my body the hardest I don't think neither of those guys really went to my body so it's hard to say.

Cmajor: You always seem to be in good condition what do you do when you don't have fight lined up, training that is

Evander_Holyfield: I'm just very active with my children, they run around so I have to run around with them to keep up, lol

Eric: I was shocked when you ripped Bert Cooper with an uppercut and it tore your glove.  Do you still have that glove?

Evander_Holyfield: Yes, I have it framed. It was the first time I ever had to use another glove in a fight!

superhigh: Evander Why are you still fightin....you've done it all  ..what gets you up to train in the morning????? and do you pray while your fighting???Your a Great Great fighter a living Legend...

Evander_Holyfield: My goal is to be undisputed heavyweight champ again and that's what keeps me going. I will acheive that goal.

Evander_Holyfield: Thanks for the compliment

Joeinpa: Evander.  I saw u on watching the olympics and we all know about the questionable judging.  what do u think should be done to change it or how would u modifly it

Evander_Holyfield: I think each judge should score on a ten point must system and if they win the round they get ten points, knockdowns should cause 10-8 rounds, there's a lot of things that could be done and hopefully will be done.

john: I thought is was great how you supported the Olympians, would you ever consider being a trainer? best of luck in your next fight

Evander_Holyfield: No. Being a trainer is not for me. Unless it's one of my children it wouldn't happen.

nardfan: holy being a warrior in the ring who do you enjoy watching now and why?

Evander_Holyfield: I like watching Oscar and crafty fighters who could fight. Watching Hopkins is good too, I like watching fighters who come to fight, come to win and fight anybody

Evander_Holyfield: A lot of people who aren't shown on television are really good and some of the fights I see on TV are tough to watch.

Montana: I have been a fan of yours since your Light Hvy days...and your first fight with Qawi is still one of my all time fav fights...How would a fan of yours go about getting a pair of signed gloves?.....Also, do you watch much tape of opponents prior to a fight?

Evander_Holyfield: They would have to visit EvanderHolyfield.com and email me, but they'd have to pay for the gloves.

Evander_Holyfield: Yes I always watch film on my opponents.

jubu2020: I see you are doing commercials and getting your name out which can be very lucrative, Why are you still boxing-what is next on your agenda to accomplish?

Evander_Holyfield: The undisputed heavyweight championship of the world, that will do it for me.

Evander_Holyfield: and that's why I'm still boxing.

kelvone: Evander, How would a rematch with James Toney play out?  What adjustments would you have to make in order to win that fight?

Evander_Holyfield: I would love a rematch and I think at that time it wasn't the right fight, I would be better prepared and go in there with a completely different attiftude

Mondragon: Evander, you have always been one of my favorite fighters and have followed you over the years, thanks for all of the exciting fights, you've always given the boxing fan their moneys worth..is there anybody you wanted to fight but didn't get to?

Evander_Holyfield: No, but I have always been interested in winning championships, to me it didn't make much difference who I was fighting.

KEvett: Hi Evander. I read where u suggested that Kahn stay amateur.  I know you me the US while they were in GA, what is your take on J. Estrada (not his comments) & Andre Berto (US fighter who fought for Haiti)?  Thank you ....

Evander_Holyfield: They are older and they are mature, I really think they would make good pro's. It just so happens that the young kid Khan is very aggressive, but he's not a very defensive fighter yet.

Evander_Holyfield: He doesn't need to take the chance to go in there with more mature guys on the professional level. There's no need for that stress just yet.

mateball: Evander, your last defeat against James Toney was hard to watch.  I have never seen you in the ring with a counter pouncher as talented as Toney.  Would have u beaten him easily in your prime?  Does he hit hard at heavy w?

Evander_Holyfield: I feel it would have been a good match in my prime but I would have been able to dominate. That was my first fight after the shoulder injury and I was still hesistant. He outmanuvered me for that fight, but I'm going to keep winning and one day I'm getting

Evander_Holyfield: the chance to redeem myself.

mateball: Thanks evander for being great for the sport of boxing.  And good luck in all your future goals.

Evander_Holyfield: Thank you.

cool: what are predictions for the upcoming fights delahoya- hopkins and trinidad-mayorga....

Evander_Holyfield: In my professional opinion, I think Hopkins wins that fight. Both of the guys are very skillful but when you have skills, size and you do is train to fight, you're going to be on top of your game. Age don't make a difference

Evander_Holyfield: Trinidad hasn't fought in a while and I was surprised that Cory Spinks beat Mayorga, if Spinks beat Mayorga Trinidad will because Mayorga runs into a lot of shots.

Evander_Holyfield: If Trinidad could hit you there's a good chance you're out of there. I like Trinidad

Rick: Evander, Is there a punch or combination that you throw in a fight to get you out of trouble or to turn the tide in a fight? A punch or combo that you always go back to? You are one of my role models and its an honor to talk to you. God Bless

Evander_Holyfield: Usually, yes. It's usually a left hook or a body shot that will change the whole tempo of the action.

Evander_Holyfield: three more questions

miketysonisthegreatest: You said the brewster fight would be in late november or early december but why would it not be on the huge Don King card on November 13?

Evander_Holyfield: I don 't know, but I think our fight is big enough to stand on its own. We don't need two other heavyweight title fights on the show

WICKED1: Evander, I watched your fight with Vaughn Bean today.  That was a difficult fight.  What made Bean such a tough opponent?  Did fighting in your hometown of Atlanta hurt you?

Evander_Holyfield: What made the fight difficult is the guy wouldn't fight he was trying to survive and making the fight dull. It's hard when only one person fights

Evander_Holyfield: People want to see excitement when one person is all defense, it's tough to win impressively.

Evander_Holyfield: Some guys just stay in there to survive, they're not in there to execute so that always makes things tough

Badman: Not sure if this was allready asked since I got here a little late, but who was the toughest opponent in your career?

Evander_Holyfield: It's hard to say because all of the fighters were tough.

Evander_Holyfield: one more

York1: How is life outside of boxing? How is your record label, clothing line etc doing?

Evander_Holyfield: Everything is going great. Real Deal Entertainment and Holy Music are going great and so is the clothing line.  I have several record lables.

thehype: Boxingtalk.com would like to thank Evander Holyfield for taking time out of his very busy schedule to chat with us.