T.N.T. Chat Transcript: Diego Corrales


T.N.T. Chat Transcript: Diego Corrales

Original Chat Session on October 7, 2004

thehype:  Boxingtalk would like to welcome Diego Corrales to tonight's T.N.T. Chat session

Diego_Corrales:  What's going on Boxingtalk!

Mino:  Yo Chico, Im your biggest fan baby, i was at both of your fights  at foxwwods, and me and my man started that chant chico chico against freitas, well hope you fight again in CT. Well whos next and whats this bullshit going on with Showtime? Let them know

Diego_Corrales:  I have no clue what's going on. We already know what I want, the best. That's what I want to fight. Castillo and both of the Diaz boys are out there. I will let my manager make that happen

Diego_Corrales:  I go out there to do my job I leave making fights happen to them.

Diego_Corrales:  I would love the Castillo fight. Everyone thinks he may be able to beat me but I'm going to prove that he can't,

TheChampIsHere:  what do you tribute your punching power to, training or genetics?? how could a fighter get his punching power up?? good luck in securing a high profile fight. one more big fight secures fighter of the year for you.

Diego_Corrales:  It's God given. I have great punching power, a weight training program can help your power but what I've got is God given. Thanks for the props

Unknown:  Tell me the difference you feel you made by switching trainers.  When are you coming back to Sac?  Joe closed down Capital.

Diego_Corrales:  That depends on the people in Sac...Joe has made a great difference because we get along so well there's no way I'm leaving Joe. Chico is coming to Sac town, but the promoters need to push that, I can't make them do it.

Bryan_AKA_Superman:  Chico! What up champ?  You are a beast!   8) Great showing against Freitas back in August.  That was one hell of a fight! You showed punching power and a heart the size of Sacramento.  Growing up as a young kid, who was your boxing idol?

Diego_Corrales:  Thank you for all props. One of my favorite fighters was Marvin Hagler. I also loved Heanrs, Leonard and Mugabi. I liked so many it's hard to pick one but I loved all those tough guys with guts. I love the years before us because men were men back then.

nardfan:  What's up champ?Being that you are 6ft. tall how high are you willing to move up in weight?Thanks champ.I've never seen you duck anyone.

Diego_Corrales:  As far as I can to put myself in the history books. Ducking people is not my style.

Diego_Corrales:  Your welcome.

madvibes:  I was at your fight against Freitas in CT and that was a great performance.  The crowd was full of Freitas fans and I think it's cool that fans come out and support their favorite fighters.  Does the crowd ever effect your performance.  Good luck.

Diego_Corrales:  Absolutely. I love to hear the crowd cheer against me. I love to be the underdog and I love to leave the crowd in shock. It just motivates me to do what I have to do.

gr8chmp:  Diego,i think you and felix trinidad are the 2 best puncherep4p in the sport

Diego_Corrales:  Thanks, I agree.

joe_duarte:  Chico - much, much, much respect. You have 2 defeats on your record, one of which you avenged  quite convincingly.  What are your plans for the other one (Mayweather)?

Diego_Corrales:  It'll happen. My thing is to do my job and keep eliminating all the top names until I get to him. As long as I keep winning and assasinating everyone I'll get him. I need to get these guys one before I assinate Mayweather.

Diego_Corrales:  one by one

BronzeGriot:  Diego....what's up man....good job with poppin Po Po...you ready for Mayweather or what...what will you do differently this time?  around when that time comes? What one boxer do you see yourself  most like past ?

Diego_Corrales:  The only difference is, my life is in order. Make what you will of it, but I am different person now that my life is in order. We have so many comparisons floating around I don't even know anymore. Do you want to compare to Hearns, Arguello, Mantequilla?

Diego_Corrales:  Who do you want to see and what do you think my ability reminds you of?

Diego_Corrales:  Everyone has a different opinion.

bandito:  whats up diego, ur a badass. but so is castillo. i know u have probably been asked this already, but is the fight with castillo going to be made? he is the man at lightweight, so u need him 2 be top dog!! what did u think of trinidad vs mayorga?

Diego_Corrales:  Eventually it will be, it's the fight that people want to see. I feel that I'm the man without him but I will make this fight happen to eliminate the doubt and I will beat him hands down. I will probably do what many others couldn't, which is stop him.

Diego_Corrales:  I feel Trinidad did a great job, did what he was supposed to do and broke Mayorga down.

KYLE_THEEE_SPINKS_FAN:  If you get by Castillo will you give popo a rematch?  Will you ever consider a move up to 140 and what do you think of that division?

Diego_Corrales:  Yes I will, undoubtedly. I believe he deserves it, but not only that, I'm contractually obligated to. I believe 140 is strong and I believe it will be a shortlived stay at lightweight and I will be moving there eventually. It won't be long at all.

gref1973:  hey chico, when is the rematch with popo due?

Diego_Corrales:  He has a two fight deal, so I'm not exactly sure. But it'll happen soon.

Diego_Corrales:  The question is what can Popo do different to make the fight different.

knocuout:  Diego, what's your best punch and who do you think will win b/w Trinidad & Hopkins? How much do you weigh now?

Diego_Corrales:  I think hands down it will always be Hopkins. My best punch is the left hook.  Right now I'm 155

kilgore:  I'm sorry if I'm repeating a question, but I rushed home from work for this!  Diego, what weight to you walk around at when you're not training?  Also, if you do nothing right in your entire career, get Hatton before anyone else does!

Diego_Corrales:  I'll definitelt try. And I believe I stop him. He's a fluke and I would expose him as just that.

Diego_Corrales:  That's about Hatton.

thehype:  CooleyCup...you're up

CooleyCup:  Do you think you could beat Floyd Mayweather in a rematch?  If so, how?

Diego_Corrales:  Yes I can. It's the jab first, then the left hook, then the right hand and then he hits the canvas. That's how it work, jab, left hook right hand.

Diego_Corrales:  Chop Chop gave him fits, and 140 is great for me but it won't be great for him

mayweather4life:  Corrales, I respect the shit out of you, but getting back in the ring w/Floyd is career and physical suicide.   What do you think?

Diego_Corrales:  Okay. Let's commit suicide then.

Diego_Corrales:  I don't mind committing suicide and I don't think anyon else will either, so why not? let's do it. I made my career and made my life off defying the odds by defying people just like you.

Diego_Corrales:  I look forward to showing you wrong.

bandito:  hey diego,what is the highest division u see ur self moving up in ur career  or what division would u like to fight at before u retire?

Diego_Corrales:  At age 30 I promised myself I'd retire. I don't know where I'm going to wind up but I'm attacking everyone right now before I leave at 30. I will retire with my senses and move up as much as I can.

Diego_Corrales:  Hopefully by 30 I achieved everything I wanted to.

Diego_Corrales:  three more questions.

Mino:  Yo Chico do yout thing baby and then beat Mayweathers ass, plz to shut his big mouth up....

Diego_Corrales:  I will!

TheChampIsHere:  when you fight do you look for knockouts because you possess such power?? castillo has a really good chin, would you try to knock him out and one up mayweather or would you box for the decsion??

Diego_Corrales:  No I don't look for them. If it comes it comes. I do look at my punching power being intimidating and I love to intimidate people with it.

Diego_Corrales:  I believe I can stop Castillo. I believe I can do what not many people can, put that ass on the ground. Bring him on. If you want to see the fight email Showtime and tell them to do the right thing. I'm telling you I'll stop him.

Unknown:  What about Julio Díaz?

Diego_Corrales:  Julio Diaz? I'm ready as soon as he's ready. I won't duck anyone. If he wants it let's do it. I don't decide fights my manager and promoter do. They know I don't care who it is, let's do it.

Diego_Corrales:  Any of the names, we could do it.

Diego_Corrales:  Everyone should be able to understand I don't care. It doesn't matter who it is.

Diego_Corrales:  one more question

nardfan:  Chico what motivated you to become a fighter and what do you think you would be if you werent boxing?Man I cant even imagine what you would look like in person 6ft. 135pnds(skinny).You're a damn good fighter though.

Diego_Corrales:  I'd probably be doing something with kids because I get alon with them so well. What motivated me to become a fighter was my dad..I wanted to make him very proud. I was a bad kid and I wanted to make him proud, hopefully I have,

thehype:  Boxingtalk would like to thank Diego Corrales for taking time out of his busy schedule to chat with us

Diego_Corrales:  Thanks alot Boxingtalk.com