T.N.T. Chat Transcript: Dan Goossen

Original Chat Session on October 30, 2006


T.N.T. Chat Transcript: Dan Goossen

"It won't be easy because Baldomir is very tough, and it's that toughness that will elevate Floyd's game higher."

thehype: Boxingtalk would like to welcome Dan Goossen to tonight's T.N.T. chat session

Titlebelt: Dan, If Floyd prefered a one-fight deal against Baldomir, with no further options, would you still pay him 8 million dollars? Also, isn't Floyd's signing bonus included in the 8 million he's to receive?

DAN_GOOSSEN: He's worth $8M and more.

hitman_hatton1: is it true that hatton asked for 13m to fight floyd?? how full will the arena be on saturday night for the mayweather-baldomir fight??

DAN_GOOSSEN: I wasn't involved in the Hatton negotiations, but that's what I understand. I expect a packed house on Saturday night.

boxing101: Goosen: hows it feel to have a mayweather with you now ?

DAN_GOOSSEN: You know when you're a promoter or a owner of a sports team, you want to be associated with the best and if you have the opportunity to be with one of the greatest of all time, it's always an honor.

DAN_GOOSSEN: We're enjoying it and we're working hard to keep on building on his greatness.

geezy: Dan, how do you envision saturday night going??? And how you think that the negotiating process for a fight with de la hoya will go???

DAN_GOOSSEN: Saturday night, I believe this is what Floyd is looking to do for the rest of his career, take on all of the real challenges and catapult himself to the next level with sensational victories.

DAN_GOOSSEN: It won't be easy because Baldomir is very tough, and it's that toughness that will elevate Floyd's game higher.

DAN_GOOSSEN: As for DLH, I don't envision anything being tough to make. If Oscar and Floyd both want it, which I know they both do, the fight will happen because it's a great fight for our industry.

DAN_GOOSSEN: It's bigger than the fightes themselves, boxing needs the fights that are like the Super Bowl's of boxing and you don't get those every year and when you the fans see it, it will be something that will be remembered for the ages.

DAN_GOOSSEN: But you can't count on Oscar, so we're going to concentrate on Floyd's career.

bxny: Who do you have linedup for flyod once he does what he is expected to do this weekend?

DAN_GOOSSEN: As I was just saying, it's a tough fight that he's got. That's why we named it Pretty Risky and we wanted to put a damn in there.

DAN_GOOSSEN: And that's what we're concentrating on, getting by November 4 with the type of victory I believe Floyd is going to get. At that point we will look at what we're going to do moving forward.

Baldomir: Dan, on the real, what yall gone do about james showing up outta shape? if he can't do that much for yall, you need to let him go.

DAN_GOOSSEN: Is this Samuel Peter asking?

DAN_GOOSSEN: I believe James understands that he's got to take that next step on just being in the best condition he's been in since the Holyfield fight.

DAN_GOOSSEN: Although the shape he's been in has been good enough to beat some of the top heavyweights, including what I thought was Sam Peter, a big, young strong, ferocious heavyweight.

DAN_GOOSSEN: I think that shows us how much better James will be by taking that next step with his conditioning. 

Aceofblades: Hi mr. goosen out of the available fights for floyd, after balodomir, which do you think has the best chance of actually coming to fruition

DAN_GOOSSEN: Floyd's in the position now where it's the same position De la Hoya, Chavez, Tyson and many more have been in. With Floyd in the fight, it'll make it a big fight no matter who he's fighting.

DAN_GOOSSEN: Right now we're concentrating on November 4. We'll be looking at the different options right after this fight.

Antonio00: Dan, how are tickets selling for Baldomir vs. Mayweather ? Because Ive heard that their not selling that good and if I wanted to right now , I could get the most expensive ticket through ticketmaster

DAN_GOOSSEN: Is this Bob Arum?

DAN_GOOSSEN: I'll tell you what, if you can get those seats, get them and I'll pay you double for them.

DAN_GOOSSEN: As I said before, I believe Mandalay Bay will be sold out.

FAWKEN_GORGEOUS: Are you worried that Mayweathers trainer isn't in his corner? and what do u think of 8 count productions?

DAN_GOOSSEN: I think for one fight it won't be problematic. Floyd is the special kind of athlete where you want a trainer and that coach that has been there with him, but on the other hand he's so intelligent that for one fight I think he's going to be able to overcome it.

DAN_GOOSSEN: Dominic Pesoli and promoters like him deserve the accolades, they bring it to the people in the local arenas and hotels and they're the ones who bring the young kids to the bigger stage.

DAN_GOOSSEN: We've done some business with him and we look forward to doing some more.

Future: I thought this fight could have been promoted a little better what do u think u could have done to promote it to a wider audience?

DAN_GOOSSEN: I need more family members on these chats.

DAN_GOOSSEN: The first I'm on here and they're attacking me.

DAN_GOOSSEN: Help me out here.

DAN_GOOSSEN: Everyone is entitled to their opinion, I feel that this has been a well promoted show but we always want to do better.

DAN_GOOSSEN: But please come to my website and email your suggestions so I can overcome on the next promotion.

magnum: Good evening Dan, what steps do you need to take to acquire a boxing license? Which fighter not currently in your stable, do you believe you could do the most with?

DAN_GOOSSEN: Go down to your local boxing commission and pick up an application and they'll put you through all of the steps.

DAN_GOOSSEN: As far as who's not with us, I've got my hands full dealing with all of the people who are with us. Floyd, James Toney, Paul Williams, Robert Guerrero, Andre Ward, these are the guys I'm pushing and promoting. So go to our website and check out all of our fighters.

juce8888: I'm a concert promoter in Honolulu but I go back and forth between here and Vegas. How can I get on your staff, I have BA degree in Visual Com and degree in Broadcasting. How come you guys don't come have fights out here. This is the home of Brian Viloria

DAN_GOOSSEN: Forget about coming with us, let us come with you. I've got 25 years of promoting fights. Give me an excuse to get out there more often.

AUTHORITY: Hello Dan, We all know how Floyd turned down Arum's 8 mill for Margarito, are you garanteeing 8 miss?

DAN_GOOSSEN: He's making more than $8M and he's fighting the one and only welterweight champion of the world.

DAN_GOOSSEN: Margarito, no matter how much was out there, hasn't earned his right to fight Floyd.

DAN_GOOSSEN: He's a semi-main event on December 2 underneath Cotto.

DAN_GOOSSEN: That tells you all you need to know. Throw in the fact that he's dodging his mandatory with Paul Williams and you've got all the answers you need right there.

mike_b: Thanks Dan for coming on. How is James Toney doing? I've served in US Navy for 7 years. I'm looking at a job in the Human Resources field with your company, who do I get in touch with to send my resume?It would be an honor to work with you?

DAN_GOOSSEN: Finally a friendly voice! Send your resume to our website and James is doing great. He's one of the most interesting fighters in the game, the craziest most interesting fighter I've ever dealt with. He's got a good heart but he's a real bad ass.

thehype: Boxingtalk would like to thank Dan Goossen for taking time out to chat with us tonight

DAN_GOOSSEN: Thanks for having me and be sure to come out to November 4. If you can't make it to the Mandalay Bay, be sure to view it live on HBO PPV.