T.N.T. Chat Transcript: Carlos Baldomir

Original chat session on January 9, 2006


T.N.T. Chat Transcript: Carlos Baldomir

"He can't hurt me, so I have no fear of Mayweather!"

thehype: Boxingtalk would like to welcome Carlos Baldomir to tonight's T.N.T. chat session

SugarDusMosley: Congratulations on your big win, Carlos. what have you been doing since your big win? has the feeling sunk in yet that you are the true welterweight champion?

CARLOS_BALDOMIR: I'm very happy and I've been relaxed. I knew I would be the new champion of the world

CARLOS_BALDOMIR: Nobody believed in me but I believed in myself.

Roberto_Duran: Carlos now that you are the king of the welterweights who you really like to fight next and do you think that you will be able to manhandle mayweather being that he is much smaller than Judah and doesnt hit as hard?

CARLOS_BALDOMIR: I want Mayweather next...he's a good fighter. I don't like to talk bad about my opponents. I do my talking with my fists. I want to fight Mayweather in April.

SlickNick: Carlos, congratulations on the big win.  Now, when the time came for the decision, were you at all worried that because you were in Judah's hometown that this fight might go to Judah?  Or did you feel you knew you did enough to take the fight.

CARLOS_BALDOMIR: I was a little worried, but I had faith that if I won the fight, the judges would give it to me.

CARLOS_BALDOMIR: I want to thank my promoter Sycuan Ringside for making sure I was protected well

boxing: carlos, many people are gonna say that judah wasnt at his best and that he hadnt trained right.  they will call this a fluke.  do you have any intention on giving him a rematch to clear it up once and for all?  if nothing else will you fight judah again?

CARLOS_BALDOMIR: Judah was in great shape and he’s a great fighter. I was just determined to win and I would have died to become champion.

CARLOS_BALDOMIR: He was supposed to kill me fast and fight Mayweather. Now that I killed that fight, I want Mayweather


CARLOS_BALDOMIR: I want to fight the best in the world and I know Sycuan is going to continue to keep me in the right fights

Titlebelt: Carlos, Showtime mentioned you had already prepared to celebrate before your match with Judah took place.  Why didn't  Sycuan Promotions display the same confidence by demanding a sanctioning by the WBA and IBF before the bout took place?

CARLOS_BALDOMIR: I didn't want to pay the money. Now we find out that the boxing associations recognize me as the WBC and ring champion

mlmarley: This is michael marley of sycuan. Let me explain. Carlos won a wbc elimination bout to get the  mandatory shot for the green and gold bout. Carlos was not #1 ranked by the wba and the ibf. Ring magazine is giving carlos the undispiuted belt because Baldomir is  the man who beat the man. Great job carlos


CARLOS_BALDOMIR: I don't have to give a rematch to Judah. Floyd Mayweather will fight me. He won't run.

boxingking3000: carlos congrats if the mayweather fight doesnt work out would you fight judah again because that would be a even bigger fight than the first one and was judah the toughest fighter you have ever fought?

CARLOS_BALDOMIR: I know that my promoter is looking for the right fights and when they tell me when, I'll be there to win and defend my titles

Bazooka_Limon: Congratulations Carlos on your title win and I am glad you won the title. Would you fight Margarito? I also saw your win over Miguel Rodriguez live in Chicago last May.

CARLOS_BALDOMIR: No, he's not interesting to me

Elements: Great win Carlos, what made you think that you could beat Judah?  You mentioned that Judah has not really beat a top fighter and that he was not dangerous after around the 3rd round.  Everything went EXACTLY like you said!

Elements: My question, did you know your body shots were having an effect on Judah.  After round 6 he told his father in the corner that his ribs hurt!  The announcers did not catch it but I heard it.

Elements: And you banged him to the body just before the right hand that stunned him in the 7th.

CARLOS_BALDOMIR: I saw a couple of tapes and saw that he has to get you fast or he's ordinary.

CARLOS_BALDOMIR: I was sure that the longer the fight went, I would win.

homecat: Hey Champ...Zab was soooo disrespectful to u before the fight...cheap shotted u during prefight instructions...headbutted u twice (once intentionally) AND is STILL running his mouth...how great did it feel in the 7th when u really hurt him?

CARLOS_BALDOMIR: It was real nice and gave me satisffaction. I'm glad I shut his mouth and I'm happy for it.

tarvermilkdud: viva ARGENTINAAAAAAa

CARLOS_BALDOMIR: Viva Argentina!

CARLOS_BALDOMIR: I'm surprised, but I heard everyone is waiting for me back home to celebrate.

MiK: Love the performance Carlos. I am happy to see you Judah in your place. Whats next? Dont give Judah a rematch! He doesnt deserve it!

CARLOS_BALDOMIR: No rematch, thank you for that

tarvermilkdud: call out oscar?? that will get u $$$

CARLOS_BALDOMIR: It would be nice to fight Oscar, and I would beat him so it would be nice

prettyboy3524: what do u think ur chances are if u were to face mayweather and who do u think would be the toughest challenge out there for u?and would u look for 50/50 if u and a pbf fight would hapen?

CARLOS_BALDOMIR: I want him and he probably knows fighting me would be a good fight and if he really want to become the welterweight champion of the world, he has to fight me.

CARLOS_BALDOMIR: And it would be a good fight

spreadking3rd: i'm very happy for you Carlos.  Do you think the judges scored the fight to close, even though you won ?  When you raised your hands before the final bell, you seemed to know you had won 9 rounds,  I think so too !

CARLOS_BALDOMIR: I think I won eight or nine rounds and was confident that the judges would give me the victory I deserved.

superhigh: Carlos....Good Fight....will you fight ARTURO GATTI.....I hear he is calling you out???

CARLOS_BALDOMIR: No problem if the money is good.

Mohamed_Benguesmia: Congrats on your big win, id like to know about your fight with Joshuha Clottey. What happened in that fight, what do you think of him as a fighter, and are you and him going to fight again?

CARLOS_BALDOMIR: Clottey was dirty. I won't fight him again.

CARLOS_BALDOMIR: He used his head a lot

desi: i wonder if Baldomir is really answering these questions, or if its that same translator that gave a few answers himself after the fight

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XxEliteHitmanxX: What would you be able to do to Mayweather that no one else could do so you could beat him? How could you handle his speed and technique? Mayweather and You fighting would not generate as much money as he would like dont you think?

CARLOS_BALDOMIR: I would pressure him and not let him think. I would keep coming forward and walk through anything he had to get to him

CARLOS_BALDOMIR: He can't hurt me, so I have no fear of Mayweather!

bmc1981: carlos if u could fight anyone next,who would u want?well done carlos

CARLOS_BALDOMIR: Floyd Mayweather on April 8 or Oscar

thehype: Boxingtalk would like to thank Carlos Baldomir for taking time out to chat with us tonight

CARLOS_BALDOMIR: Thanks for you support. Let's get Mayweather in the ring. God Bless you all