Sykes to Peter: "I've got an iron chin!"


Sykes to Peter: "I've got an iron chin!"

PRESS RELEASE: Heavyweight Taurus “the Bull” Sykes is excited about the opportunity to face Samuel Peter on Showtime on July 2, 2005.  “This is my time to shine and I will not be denied. My movements are stealth and I attack my opponents in an inspirational way. My skills inspire the children of the world to stand-up and say, 'one day I shall be a warrior such as the one named Taurus' and my message to the kids is yes you too can rise to the top if you follow my example.” 

Sykes also said he is not afraid of Peter's considerable punching power. “My chin is made of iron. You can hit my chin with a wrecking-ball and I would laugh and ask who threw the ping-pong ball? The name that Peter will remember when he is back in Nigeria is Taurus. Taurus is the name that strikes fear into the hearts of the heavyweight division and causes foes to tremble with fear. It causes mothers to lose sleep and fathers to ask themselves what went wrong. Taurus is the nickname once used by Carlos the Jackal and just as he once terrorized the world I will terrorize the heavyweight division.”

“We recently witnessed Winky Wright put on a clinic over my man Tito. If Peter thinks he is going to walk in like a caveman and blow me away then he is sadly mistaken; because I am going to put so many jabs in his face that his own people will not recognize him when I am done.”

“I would also like to thank Showtime and everyone else who made this possible. July 2nd a savior will be born onto the heavyweight division and he shall be the one from Brooklyn who will be anointed to rise to the top. I am here to inspire every child in every ghetto of the world and I will dedicate this victory to them.”