Sykes To Duva: Just give me a date and we can get it popping!

By Ray O. Campbell Jr.


Sykes To Duva: Just give me a date and we can get it popping!

"Dominque Guinn is a chump!"

After hearing what Dino Duva had to say on behalf of Samuel “The Nigerian Nightmare” Peter, Taurus “The Bull” Sykes spoke to about his thoughts: “Peter can come and try to get this title, and it is definitely all about the money” stated the once beaten Sykes.  Duva publicly challenged Sykes to face his Peter for far more money than he has ever made in his life.  In response, Sykes added, “we’ll see what Dino Duva is talking about when I hand Peter his first loss, and f*#k his investment up” Read on to see what else he had to say about "Dominique" Guinn’s recent choice of opponent. 

RC: Taurus, give us your thoughts on what Duva Boxing President Dino Duva, promoter of Samuel “The Nigerian Nightmare” Peter, had to say in his press release issued yesterday?

TS: I hear what he is saying, but to be real, I personally never came at him (Samuel Peter) like that, but I am definitely not backing down and I definitely know he can’t beat me. He knows I am a threat just like the majority of the Heavyweights out there know I am a threat.

I don’t know what to really say about that dude, but I can tell you yes I do want to fight him. He said he wants to fight the best right? I consider myself one of the best, and I am definitely trying to show and prove my existence in this division. Backing down from anybody in this game is unheard of for me; I understand the game and I understand what the game brings. If I couldn’t deal with it I would have a regular job.

I want to fight this dude, I want the paper, and it is about the paper. It is about the money with me, it aint nothing personal about him. I know I can beat him, and I know when I beat him it would put me closer to goals I am trying to obtain.

RC: So what do you have to say in response to his promoter Dino Duva’s offer to pay you more than you have ever received for a fight, and that Peter would love to add your NABA title to his current collection?

TS: Well definitely Peter can come and try to get this title, and it is definitely all about the money so he can pay me more. I will fight this coward, and another thing is they never even offered me a fight in the past. They are lying about that, I would have been jumped on that. They never offered me a fight, I don’t have a manager and I don’t know of any promoter who they offered that fight too, Cedric (Kushner) never bought that to me when I was signed to him. So I don’t know who they offered that fight to, it is whatever though, I want to fight him. As long as the money is right, we can do it, and I know I will come out on top. I will bet anything and everything, even the whole purse that I will come out on top.

We’ll see what Dino Duva is talking about when I hand Peter his first loss, and fuck his investment up. All I am saying is tell them to fight, I don’t know what to say that will get them motivated and pumped up, but I definitely want the fight.

RC: Taurus, from what Duva said in the press release, it doesn’t sound as if you need to motivate them in anyway. He made it quite clear that providing you don’t out price yourself and the networks approve you, the fight is yours….

TS: (Cutting in) I accept and I am ready to do it whenever, give me the date and tell me what the money is looking like. I have to know what that is looking like because my daughter’s feet is growing. (Starts laughing). So let’s get this shit popping, because I am with it. I am not backing down from nobody, it’s about this paper.

As far as Dominique (Guinn), [editor's note: Sykes is referring to Main Events heavyweight Dominic Guinn] he is a coward. His whole style is chump. He is not built like me, and he is not cut from the same cloth as me. I am a street cat, I am from the bottom, you understand? I know where he is from; he is from Arkansas wherever the fuck he is from. Both of his parents are still together, that right there is what kind of life he lived. I always had to fend for myself and get mine, so why wouldn’t I do it right now. I would fuck him up, after the fourth round he aint throwing no more punches. I know all of these cats style and after the fourth round Samuel Peter aint no threat either. What is he going to do? He can’t get away from my jab, I saw the way Jeremy Williams started jabbing him, but he didn’t stay with it. I want that fight and this is what I am in this game to do, to fight and get paper. I am not ducking anybody, I am the people’s champ and everybody wants to see me with it.

So tell Dino give it here, lets do it, I want to do it and that is the bottom line.

RC: What do you think about Guinn fighting Friday Ahunanya whom you just beat, oppose to fighting you after you just defeated Ahunanya?

TS: I mean why would he want to do that, and why would Peter fight Jovo Pudar and I am saying to myself this bitch ass is going to fight him after I beat him. The thing is, they (Peter & Guinn) both chose to fight them (Ahunanya & Pudar) right after I beat them. So I guess they are saying “Alright, let me see what he does with Sykes first” So they must know something. With me I am fighting anybody; I have never turned down a fight since I have been boxing. I have been fighting for pennies and a couple of dollars, so what do they think is going to happen when they offer me that paper, or better yet show me that paper, what do they think I am going to do? Do they think I am going to run? Man, I am coming to get that and handle my business. That’s my word; I am coming to get that.


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