Sykes Has High Hopes!


Sykes Has High Hopes!

Spews venom at Sam Peter and Dominick Guinn

Taurus Sykes Challenges Guinn and Peter

Fresh of off his dominating performance over Friday Ahunanya in Hobbs, NM to pick up the NABA Heavyweight title Taurus "the Bull" Sykes is now ready for bigger and better challenges. The NABA champion, who also has the heart of a champion, is concerned by the fact that a so-called heavyweight contender, by the name of Dominick Guinn, is acting more like a pretender as he has chose to fight the loser of the bout, Friday Ahunanya, on ESPN, instead of trying to fight the winner.

"How big of a coward is Guinn? He sees a fight in which I dominated from start to finish and beat the life out of Ahunanya and then decides he doesn't want any part of me but will go for my leftovers. This just shows you the character of Guinn. What he knows is that if he meets me I will beat him into oblivion and he will have to go back to Arkansas and pick cotton and make moonshine to support his family. Guinn likes tattoos, that is ok, but he knows if he fights me there will be a permanent tattoo on his face and he'll have to go back to his woman looking like a victim of WMD's," Sykes said.

"This is my year, the year of The Year of the Bull, and I am not only going to defend my title but I am going to march up the ranks of the heavyweight division and bring the world championship back to Brooklyn. Guinn is running from me just like Samuel Peter. I beat Jovo Pudar and then Peter ran to fight him and was scared to fight me because he new I would have jabbed him all the way back to Africa and before the fight was over he would have been whispering in my ear 'my name is Toby.' They are both cut from the same cloth, the cloth of cowards, and under their trunks they are wearing panties and when they see the menace from Brooklyn, they shiver in fear. They can run, but not hide, who wants a piece of the NABA Heavyweight Champion?"


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