Super Judah Mailbag!

By Mike Samuels


Super Judah Mailbag!

Yo what's up, two comments on the trash talking column. First off, it doesn't matter what the hell you say as long as you back it up. Ali talked all kinds of crazy, hateful stuff (Uncle Tom, etc.), but when you back it up thats the bottom line. If you talk the talk you have to be able to walk the walk, it's that simple. The second point is that you have to be well spoken. Floyd (and Ali) is a perfect example of that. Not only can he back up what he says, because he truly is a God-gifted fighter, but he is a well-spoken person, despite his out of the ring problems and his egomania. When you hear Judah speak, it could even get to the point that the average person could not even decipher what he's saying. I think he talks a good game... just a game that the public can't relate to and/or understand, literally. Not only that, but as a fighter that has lost half of his big fights, (1 to KT, 1 to spinks), his words dont mean as much. Same thing as you pointed out with Tyson, nobody gave a crap what he said, whether or not Lennox had kids or not, because Tyson was a beaten fighter. The mainstream public eats it up, because according to them he is the last and only prize fighter of the last 20 years. But anyway, starting to ramble... liked the article, just adding my two cents. -Jake Emen

Samuels Response: Sometimes it is hard to understand Judah but there’s no denying the man can talk for hours, especially if he’s pissed off. I think some elements of his trash talk could be tighter in form, but I’ve never said that Judah is not a tremendously gifted fighter. He’s one of the quickest guys the game has seen in a long time.  Whether or not he tones down what he says in his trashing sessions doesn’t matter because like you said, he’s a great fighter and people are going to pay to see him preform regardless.

Good article Mike, everything was right on point. Peace, mbase.

Samuels Response: Thanks. I appreciate the kind words. It didn’t even take 24 hours and Zab Judah himself was leaving a message on my voice mail explaining that he didn’t like the contents of my article.   Most of the e-mails I have gotten have been people chiming in how they agree with my thoughts. But of course there are plenty of people who think I’m just a Judah hater. I love boxing and I love to cover it, so for me to hate on a guy who is the undisputed welterweight champion of the world is just foolish.

Good piece on trash talk... you hit that one on the head. I have been around the game for what seems like a long time (11 years) and I have seen my share of it. Its like the rap game these days.. all this hot-air about gun carrying and dope pushing when you make millions of dollars in the studio. Nice to see someone find the right words to lay it down on this subject.  Talking a little smack is great to hype a fight, but that fine line is something boxers should be taught just like a jab. - Johnny in Detroit

Samuels Response: Thanks Johnny. I appreciate it.   Trash talking definitely isn’t what it used to be but that doesn’t mean Zab Judah isn’t a fine fighter and a great champion. I never have nor will I ever take anything away from what Judah has accomplished in the ring. It’s good to see that some people can see my point as clear as I had hoped to put it out there.

Obviously you don't understand the mentality of a man(judah) who grew up in brooklyn and just dosen't give a fuck. Money does not change who he is. I'm not saying to attack Mayweather when he sees him would be right because it wouldn't but don't get it twisted from here on out if Zab runs into Floyd believe me there will be a physical altercation breaking out. You see for most boxers they understand that trash talking is part of the boxing game but for Zab I honestly believe he takes trash talking towards him as a personal threat therefore will attack you when he sees you. How many times have we heard about Judah and his camp getting into fights with other camps, at least on 3 occasions. So if i'm Floyd I would stay out of brooklyn and New York because if Zab finds out I have a feeling he would go looking for him. I'll pick Floyd in the ring against Zab but not outside of it. Mark-LES, NY

Samuels Response: There may be an exchange of verbal warfare between the two fighters, maybe even a push or two between both guys. But I just don’t see Zab jeopardizing his chances of making a lot of green paper inside the ring with Mayweather by throwing a fit in public and trying to knock his head off. I don’t doubt Judah had it rough but anyone in boxing knows that his Dad obviously did a great job in raising Zab because his change since losing his cool on Jay Nady is very evident.  From Brooklyn or not, I believe Zab Judah is a good person and that’s why I feel his over the top trash talk didn’t quite hit a home run.

Mike, Nice article about Zab and his trash talk. There have been some great talkers in this game. I love reading the quotes from James Toney and Ricardo Mayorga, they always crack me up. The difference between what they say and the vile crap that Zab spewed out in his interview with Greg, is that those guys have the intelligence to make what they say humorous while also making it clear that they think they are the baddest MF's on the planet. I read Zab's quotes and thought it was easily the most ridiculous
trash that I have ever seen. I know he wants to play the thug role and that's fine, Mayweather does the same thing, but Floyd actually makes a point and doesn't come off like pissed off 3rd grader. I have never seen a fighter that has not proven he is anything more that a B fighter, that is more hyped up fighter than Zab Judah. Zab has greatskills but other than beating Spinks, who could easily go down in history as a B fighter or less, what has Zab done? He has fought one true superstar and he didn't make it out of the 2nd round. Since then he has fought a bunch of nobodies, and now he beats one pillow handed champion and everyone turns into Max Kellerman and proclaims him a top 3 p4p... I've said this to Greg before and I will say it again, the thing I love so much about boxing is that the truth always comes out. - Michael Thompson

Samuels Response: I don’t think Zab is trying to play gangster. I’m sure he has had to go through a lot growing up in Brooklyn. However, that doesn’t really make you the greatest trash talker in the game and that’s fine. My point is that Judah’s rambling didn’t seem real enough to do much for the fight. I give Zab the props for beating Spinks in the rematch and learning from his meltdown following his fight with Kostya Tszyu. That takes a lot for a fighter with as much pride as Judah to apologize and come out strong - and that’s just what he’s done since 2002. You might not like the way he acts, but no matter how you look at it he’s the welterweight champion of the world. No questions about it.

Mike:  Overall a good article on Judah's trash talking. I have a question:  First........"Keep it clean"............................... then "It's OK to swear a bit".......................then..........."show some respectability."  Sir you can't have it both ways. Are you advocating people have sewer mouths or clean language?
Think about the kids who watch fights in person or on tv...........should boxers who speak filth be their role models or does boxing need more professionals who are gentlemen and whose language sets an example of excellence for kids?
The answer is obvious.............our beloved sport needs to set such an example for kids and you need to stop contradicting yourself. - Bob in TX

Samuels Response: I don’t think swearing here or there makes you a bad guy or turns you into someone that people can’t respect. Maybe in the real world but in the ring.  Judah probably is a role model to a lot of kids, but just because he’s a champion doesn’t mean he should be. Parents should be teaching their kids right from wrong, not fighters.

What was that lame bullshit about Judah man? You made a personal attack on him because you said his trash talking is weak? Not as weak as your article. Seriously, are you new at the news game or something? What would even possess someone to write an entire article focusing on a boxer being a weak trash talker? It was clearly just hatred for Judah, or maybe just hatred for a possible Mayweather opponent. There are obviously much worse trash talkers than Judah. You mentioned one by name in your article, Cory Spinks. That hick accent just made him a joke as far as intimidation goes. Judah is a black jewish guy in NY, which means its possible he knows some of those NY black mafia guys. Which I don't even know why that would matter. And you made it seem that Judah said he was going to "pop a cap in
Floyd" or some shit, which I took as just straight out racist and
stereotypical. Judah didn't say he'd shoot Mayweather, he just said he'd lay him out if he saw him in the street. And you're just plain wrong in your article. Judah walked right up to DeMarcus Corley who was talking trash and punched him in his mouth.
Corley cowared down, just hopped around like he wanted to do something but didn't do anything. Judah also has been in Mitchell's face, then Mitchell would talk all nice to him. Then there's the well-known Judah-Harris thing at Hot 97. Harris didn't expect Judah to show up, then he turned cowardly when Judah did. Just call Hot 97 and ask. Before I finish, I do want to understand why you attacked and singledout Zab Judah. I can name 1000 guys worse than Judah at trash talking. And so can you. -Masterdirector

Samuels Response: Why is an article bullshit just because it is of a different opinion than you? I have nothing against Zab Judah and have been a fan of his since I first saw him fight processionally. I just don't think that he needs that type of trash talk in order to prove that he's one of the best fighters in the game. The man has the undisputed welterweight titles around his waist and that's enough. The article wasn't racist, but claiming that it was is just a cheap way to try to get heat. I'm not going to stoop to that level, sorry. In all actually, this whole thing could just be to try and sell the fight between him and Mayweather if it ends up happening.

Mike I think your article was exactly what boxing needed to hear! A lot of writers probably think what you wrote but don’t have the guts to write it so I applaud you for doing so!  That is why I like boxingtalk over other pretenders because the writers there aren’t afraid to speak the truth! Keep it up! - Matt, OH

Samuels Response: Thanks Matt. I appreciate it. is definitely the right website to check out if you are into hearing the truth about the on going games that happen inside the ring with the fighters and outside with the promoters and managers.  The approach is one of a kind and that’s why I enjoy contributing to the site whenever I can. Keep reading and get some friends to become members!

You are a judah hater hands down. Why are you so jealuz of the guy becuz he is more hardcore than you? Because he is the champ and you are just a writer? Quit hating man, Zab judah is the truth not floyd mayweather and if they fight you will see what I am talking about peace - carlos

Samuels Response: I don’t hate Zab Judah and I’m sure he doesn’t hate me. If he did he wouldn’t have taken the time to try and reach me after reading my article. I’ve never disputed Zab as the welterweight champion - he’s the man there. But that wasn’t the point of my article. Maybe if you read it, instead of skimming it you might have figured that out.


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