Sulaiman sends ridiculous letter to Main Events

By Scott Shaffer


Sulaiman sends ridiculous letter to Main Events

"I keep forgetting that I am a Mexican and that you all still believe that I am sleeping and sitting under a cactus with my Mexican hat on!"

On May 23, 2005 WBC president Jose Sulaiman sent an angry but bizarre letter to Main Events' attorney Patrick English in which Sulaiman injected racial tension into a dispute over his organization's ratings. "I keep forgetting that I am a Mexican and that you all still believe that I am sleeping and sitting under a cactus, with my Mexican hat on," wrote Sulaiman. The racial diatribe from Sulaiman was brought on by English's attempt to go over Sulaiman's head by filing a protest concerning a WBC ratings decision with the Association of Boxing Commissioners (ABC). Sulaiman also complained that English didn't even bother to send Sulaiman a copy of the protest, which concerned Javier Castillejo, Fernando Vargas and Ricardo Mayorga. "Obviously, the superior level of mankind like you," continued Sulaiman, "would not lower yourselves to copy your letter to this Mexican stupid bum and much less step into the jurisdiction of little WBC as the rules state."

Sulaiman's letter was obtained by Boxingtalk when it was included by Main Events as part of its May 27, 2005 follow-up submission to the ABC. The Sulaiman letter appears on WBC letterhead and is signed "Your humble Mexican servant. Jose Sulaiman Ch." Main Events asked the ABC to arbitrate the WBC's decision to order Castillejo to face Mayorga next or be stripped. However, Main Events has announced that the Castillejo-Vargas bout will take place on August 20 whether or not Castillejo is stripped by the WBC. Main Event s reportedly paid in excess of US$1 million to secure Castillejo's appearance.

Sulaiman's letter was likely written with sarcasm but he probably should have chosen his words more carefully. He appears to be expressing unhappiness that English did not continue to deal with the WBC internally before going to the ABC, a procedure that has never been used before in such a major dispute. "But it happens Mr. English that this Mexican man under the cactus, is so stupid that he can not understand what is it that you are asking to Mr. Lueckenhoff [president of the ABC]."

Although the Castillejo-Vargas bout will take place in America (Chicago) and the complainant, Vargas, is an American, the WBC president seemed unhappy that an American regulatory agency was entertaining the dispute. "Well, I am sorry, Mr. English, but I am such a Mexican fool that I need you to help me in clarifying it... So if anybody wants a title from a champion living in Spain, recognized by an organization from Latin America, I am so stupid that I just can't understand why the ratings appeals of this organization, as well as its appeals committee weren't contacted?"


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