Sugar Shay's Sweet Mailbag!

By Ishe Smith


Sugar Shay's Sweet Mailbag!

What up Ishe this is my first time writing to you that's cool of you for helping Greg out with the E mails its my favorite part of the Website I like to read everybody's opinion, I was reading the last mailbag and you happen to say that you didnt really care for the morales vs paquiao rematch Why's that ishe? you know dam well its going 4fbdff and I'm pretty sure he's going to get more good fights eventually but that what he gets for not been as entertaining as paquaio and morales and other fighters, I think he's in the same shoes as Hopkins and Winky as for having to prove them self's over an over and wait he'll of a long time to get their big shot all because they had a style that didnt really interest the public

ISHE'S RESPONSE: Some people do not understand the relationship I had with that 96 Olympic team, and maybe I am a little biased for Raheem; I just think he deserves his shot at greatness as well.  I was apart of the 96 Olympic class, which is by far one of the best classes to turn professional, so you have to understand why I root and pull for people from that class.  Maybe it will be a good fight, or maybe Erik would get blew up, I don’t know; I would rather see Raheem than Morales.

What's popping G? (Or Ishe, whoever answers the email).  Just got a few questions.  What's up with Arthur Abraham?  Is this guy the real deal or what, he KO'ed Ikeke in five, and he also beat Howard Eastman.  Is this dude a threat in the middleweight division and when can we expect to see him in the United States, and if this is Ishe, how do you think you would do against Abraham?  Would you fight him?  Finally what's up with Jaidon Codrington, is he going to retire or what?  The fans haven't heard anything from him since he loss to Green.  I hear rumblings that Green is going to fight Chad Dawson, this would be a great fight, how true is this? Tee, Baltimore

ISHE'S RESPONSE: Abraham looked pretty good if you ask me, and the way he got rid of Ikeke was very impressive.  I don’t know if he is the real deal yet, only time will tell that.  As far as fighting him; that will not be happening any time soon, I will be fighting at 154lbs, Abraham weighs 160lbs.  Hopefully Jaidon will rebound very soon; I haven’t heard much on that situation though.  A fight between Dawson and Green would be very explosive, let’s just say it wouldn’t go the distance.

What it do? I like how you holding down on tha mailbag for G keep up the good work. Two questions: When is your next fight because I think you have the goods to be special. And I ain't just saying that cause you hosting the mailbag. Next question: If I am not mistaken Zab is the Undisputed Welterweight Champ right? Then why is he acting like he don't know why the titles won't be on the line if he fights Mayweather? I ain't a stupid brutha ya know, I can add two and two: If Floyd takes this fight, one of the man things he will want is for the titles to be on the line right? So how was Zab on that last interview w/Greg acting like it's Mayweather who doesn't want to fight for the titles. Are we supposed to be stupid or should I believe that Floyd won't make this fight if it's for the Undisputed titles. ( I barely could type that because it was so stupid.) But Zab needs to keep it real and let the world know that he will fight Floyd but only if he doesn't have to put up his titles; I would respect him more by saying that. And on tha cool, I don't know if you caught this or not Yoel doesn't seem as confident as Zab and his groupies. Your thoughts  P.S. Which one of those clowns in the Zab video (10/16) got KTFO a few weeks ago?

ISHE'S RESPONSE: Thanks man, I will be back in the ring very soon, hopefully by March.  I don’t know the specifics on the Mayweather vs. Judah fight; it does sound a little crazy that the titles wont be on the line.  Hopefully within the next few weeks we will learn a lot more.

This message is for Ishe, I totally disagree with you in saying Oscar will have a easy time with Mayorga. Ricardo will not only beat Oscar this coming may but probably knock him out. Oscar does not have the passion to fight anymore and should stick to promoting before he gets hurt. Ricardo will walk through anything Oscar throws and blow him out and he won't be as easy to hit anymore now that Zabs father is training him. Mayorga wins via 9th rd. tko, remember where you heard it first. Mark-LES,NY

ISHE'S RESPONSE: How can you determine another person’s passion for something?  Just because he lost to B-Hop, he doesn’t have passion anymore?   That is insane!  Oscar is way more skilled then Mayorga and I know he will beat him; he will box circles around Mayorga.  Club fighter with power, that is all Mayorga is man, I heard that he got beat up in the gym by Larry Mosley. I will take that bet any day; I am taking Oscar all the way.

Ishe, help a poor guy like me understand something.  How many millions  does a fighter need? if $ is the limiting factor in making a potential match happen like winky or pbf then why do they seem to be so concerned with "legacy"(although I can't say if Winky was concerned about legacy like pbf has stated).  It just seems to me that whatever the split(let's say 60/40)
on the $, as long as it was over let's say 2million to each fighter then the $ would not be that much of an issue and the fight would be made and they could fight the best like they say they want to for the fans and legacy. This is just a loose example to try to get my question across.  Just want some insight cuz I hate to see good  matches not get made because of $ issues, I hope that is not what is happening with pbf and judah.  I mean how many millions does it take to feed your family or entourage and camp and promoter etc.?  Thanks and hope to see you in the ring soon.

ISHE'S RESPONSE: Well both fighters think they’re the man, so right now they’re trying to position themselves for more money.  However, I can’t speak about how much money another man needs.  I do know this, when you have children, there is one thing that you think about; and that is the future and welfare of them.  So as an athlete, you try to make the most money you can to provide for them.  So I can’t blame them for wanting to make the most money they can, while they still can!  Football, basketball, tennis, baseball, and hockey all make VERY GOOD money.  With boxing being the hardest sport of them all, I would like our athletes to one day have a union and be able to make a lot of money as well.  Some of our guys at the bottom are starving, and as fighters we need to change the way that is.  If the fighters would come together, we can demand a lot more, just like in all the other sports.  As for your other question, about the status of my career, I will be back in the ring very soon.  I know that 2006 will be a big year for me, and I am excited to get back in the ring again.


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