Stoney gets hit with the best shot of the night

By Brad Cooney


Stoney gets hit with the best shot of the night

Just as King Kong hits the big screen, another giant in Germany in Nicolay Valuev hits the scene and becomes the new WBA Heavyweight Champion. Hopefully the John Ruiz, Norman Stone
chapter is finally closed, and the sport of boxing can move forward, and fans can watch a new heavyweight that might actually bring at least some sort of excitement back into the sport. Who was that guy that cracked Norman Stone in his jaw after the fight? Between the other night and Coach Merk cracking him after the Ruiz-Jones weigh-in, Stoney might have actually taken more clean punches than Jawny over the last few years.
If someone gave me a choice of which I would rather do, watch paint dry, or watch a John Ruiz fight,I would rather grab a chair and some headsets and get to watching the paint dry.

So anyway, shortly after Stoney's classy gesture of ripping the belt from Valuev yelling cawksucka, a  member of team Valuev throws one of the best punches of the night and cracks ole Stoney in his flapping jaw! Classic! couldn't have happened to a better person. I wonder if Randy Neumann, who refereed the Ruiz-Golota fight wants to send him a thank you card for doing what he only wishes he could have on the air. If that is what punctuates the end of Stoney's run in boxing, it may go down as one of the best walk off home-runs in boxing history ( if you will).


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