Stewart stops Bernal!

By Larry Tornambe


Stewart stops Bernal!

Michael Stewart earned a comeback win against Omar Bernal in
Dover, Delaware.  Stewart, from nearby New Castle, Delaware, brought his faithful to help fill the Rollins Center at Dover Downs. The 1,700+ brought “No Joke” Stewart into the ring with vibrating cheers which helped him through an anxious start, “he hit me with some right hands.”  Bernal was pushing the action and Mike wasn’t giving angles at  first.  Stewart regrouped and stepped in, “he was already hurt when he backed up to the ropes.  You saw him with his hands up.  I hit him with a left hook and a right hand.”  A left hook to the body is what I saw and  Bernal went down for the count.  Others saw, through a TV monitor, Stewart’s follow through land an upper arm to the head; Bernal said he got hit on the jaw.  Regardless of the body part that landed and where, Bernal (25-7-3; 19  KO’s, 143lbs) was counted out as the bell ending the first should have been

In his last four, Stewart dropped fights to Ricky Hatton, Sharmba Mitchell and Juan Carlos Rubio while winning only one.  Stewart (38-4-2, 143 lbs) grinned when asked about the changes at the top of his jr. welterweight division and yearns to be back in to contention soon.  This win got him  going back to the body and serves as a confidence enhancer as Bernal is no


The main support bout featured LaJuan Simon and Kevin Butts in a super middleweight tussle.  Butts started the bout hard and Simon had to shake off  the attack.  Simon, who’s coming off of Philadelphia’s fight of the year  versus Jameel Wilson, looked like he may be headed down the same road.  As  the facts unfolded Simon (9-0-1) put his punches together well and with  power.  Butts staggered at the end of the 2nd and Simon continued his pace in the 3rd.  Simon had too much of everything for Butts and Kevin knew it.   After the third round the corner of Butts (8-6-1) stopped the bout.

Cruiserweights: Chuck Berry TKO 1 Bernie Torre
Middleweights: Doug Esbenshaden U Dec. 6 Tony Smith
Heavyweights: Richard Stewart TKO 1:04 2nd James Daniels
Welterweights: Damon Antoine Maj Dec 4 Doel Carraquillo

CN-8 will broadcast the card on Sunday at 9pm across Comcast Network