Steve Quinonez Prepares to Get Back on Top

By Darren Nichols


Steve Quinonez Prepares to Get Back on Top

"I’m putting everything in my boxing ability. I want to be one of the best fighters, and I believe that I still can."

BoxingTalk:  Steve, you are fighting near your home town of Palm Springs on Wednesday.  What are your thoughts as your enter into this fight?

Steve Quinonez:  My thoughts are always the same, I always want the win.  I always want the fight to end early, and I always want the knockout.  In my hometown there’s more pressure but I’ve learned to keep my composure.  .Every fight is basically the same.  I think being nervous brings the best out of a fighter.  When I’m not then something usually bad happens.

BoxingTalk:  You are going into this fight having only won one fight in your last five.  How are you preparing yourself for this fight to put yourself back on top?

Steve Quinonez:  When I lost my first of my more recent fights against Michael Clark I was working my way up to the top.  When they asked me if I wanted to fight right after winning my NABF title against Antonio Ramirez, I said, ‘Yeah let’s do it.’  But when fight time came I was still sore from my last fight, and it was one that I shouldn’t have taken.  I was still taking fights on short notice and I wasn’t training hard.  I was making all the mistakes I said I wasn’t going to.  When I fought Stevie Johnston, everybody had me winning the fight but the judges gave it to him by unanimous decision.  I was even told before that fight that fighting on the east coast would mean I would have to knock him out.  I’m not thinking about losing, I thought I was going to win my fights.  Three of my last four losses have all been split decisions.  They could have gone my way but they didn’t.  Personally, I don’t see those fights as losses.  For this fight I’ve really prepared myself for 10-11 weeks not even knowing who I was going to fight.  I’ve been sparring with Julio Diaz, and we’ve been having really good work outs.

BoxingTalk:  What do you know about your opponent Ray Narh?

Steve Quinonez:  I just know he’s tall, 5’11”. He’s got a good record, but he got knocked out by Kid Diamond in one round.  Who knows who the other guys he fought were.  I’m not focused on that though.  I’ve been in there with the best.  I’ve done all the right things, and I’ve got to make myself victorious.

BoxingTalk:  What is the plan if you come out the victor in this fight?

Steve Quinonez:  My goal has never changed.  I’ve made a few bad moves in my career, but when I fought Micky Ward, he told me then he just wanted a big pay day.  I’ve got to get paid for all the sacrifice and good shows I’ve put on.  I’ve always done better against the better fighters, and I want to get back up to the top.

BoxingTalk:  What do you feel are your keys to victory against Nahr on Wednesday?

Steve Quinonez:  Since he's a tall fighter, my key to victory is not to allow him to use his height and reach.  I will use my reach, my boxing skills, and a lot of angles.  I shouldn't have to be there in front of him, instead I will be boxing circles around him.

BoxingTalk:  Have you considered what you might do if you lose this one?

Steve Quinonez:  Honestly, I’d be so frustrated it would be foolish to stay in something where they keep robbing me.  Maybe God is telling me to listen to Him and to hang them up and call it quits.  I have a family I need to think about.

BoxingTalk:  What can we expect from you in this fight on ESPN’s Wednesday Night Fights?

Steve Quinonez:  I’ve been back and forth with different trainers, but for this fight I’m back with my dad.  I have my old style back.  I am using a lot more head movement, I’m using angles, I’m trying not to get hit, I’m doing a lot of counter punching, and I have the whole package of a boxer.  I’m putting everything in my boxing ability.  I want to be one of the best fighters, and I believe that I still can.


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