Steve Forbes wants to fight Demetrius Hopkins!

By G. Leon


Steve Forbes wants to fight Demetrius Hopkins!

GL: What's the latest and greatest Steve? When can we expect to see you back in the ring? "I don't have a date set yet, I would love to be in the ring soon and get a warm up fight in February, but then I want to get into the mix. I see all these guys fighting, you got Hatton and Castillo fighting on the same card, you got Harris fighting Lazcano and I want to get into that mix. You see a lot of good fights happening out there and I feel it would be a good fight to have me and Demetrius Hopkins in some sort of elimination fight. I think it's a fight that people want to see, I think it's a fight that's good for boxing and I think it's a very marketable fight. Coming out of the Contender, I want to earn my spot and I think that's an interesting match-up."

GL: When I talk with Jeff Wald the fight he mentions is Souleymane M'Baye. What's the deal with that fight?

Steve Forbes: "I don't know, but I've heard some talk about that also and I think me and Demetrius Hopkins is a fight that the fans want to see more and I think it can happen over here in America on HBO. People are more familiar with Hopkins. I don't think anybody really knows who M'Baye is and I think people follow Demetrius Hopkins."

GL: For you to get at me talking Demetrius Hopkins, it's obvious that you seem to like your chances of winning the fight. Tell us why you would get your hand raised if this fight were to take place?

SF: "I just think my experience would be the difference and this would show me where I'm at. He's an undefeated guy that doesn't know how to lose and he's going to believe he can win. I think it's just one of those fights that I really like. I've always like the fight and it was talked about before but it never came back to me. I've heard about M'Baye, but I think the Hopkins fight is a much more attractive fight. I think he would come to the ring sharp and I would have to go into my bag of tricks, which is what I want to do. I have a lot of notoriety from the Contender and I want to capitalize on that popularity, but I don't just want to fight anybody, I want to fight the best out there."

GL: When  would you be ready to make such a fight?

SF: "I"ve been keeping myself in shape and I would be ready to happen as early as late March, but I could go in April or May too."

GL: Is there anything you'd like to say in closing?

SF: "Stay tuned to Boxingtalk where you truly get it first from the fighters. I like all of the interviews from the fighters, and this is not a big call out thing or something like that, this is a big fight to me and I want to make it happen. All Demetrius Hopkins has to do is step up to the plate."


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