Steve Cunningham: "I'm not leaving Poland without the IBF belt holding my pants up!"

By G. Leon


Steve Cunningham: "I'm not leaving Poland without the IBF belt holding my pants up!"

GL: The rematch with Wlodarczyk is a done deal for May 26, can you give us some thoughts on going back to Poland? "After the first fight, when we got back here in November, I knew there was a good possibility I was going to have to go back to Poland. I knew there was going to be a rematch ordered. I didn't know how or why, but I knew. I had it in the back of my head that there was a big possibility of having to go back there. I was prepared mentally and the offer they made for the rematch, it was in my best interest financially. Marian Muhammad saw what happened the first time and they're going to make an appearance there. I'm confident that there will not be any judging issues or anything going on like happened last time."

GL: Does that mean you feel you could fight the same fight you fought in November and walk away with the title on May 26?

Steve Cunningham: "Truthfully, I don't want to fight the same fight and I'm not going to. I'm being trained by Brother Nasseem. I'm doing different things in training and we're training like we have to beat the politics."

GL: What happened with you and Richie Giachetti?

SC: "It just was time for a change. It was nothing negative, it was all positive and I wish the best for Richie and his career. It was one of those team decisions and I think it's what's best for both of us right now. I feel real comfortable with Nasseem's wisdom and I'm looking forward to this rematch."

GL: Regardless of who's going there from the IBF or who the judges are, you said you were going to fight a different fight. Does that mean you'll be more aggressive and look for the knockout more?

SC: "I'm definitely going to fight an aggressive fight. This is me right here, this is my future and I'm not going to let nobody take it out of my hands. This guy didn't beat me the last time and the rematch is going to be totally different I promise you."

GL: Did you catch the Mormeck-Bell rematch?

SC: "I did and it was a great fight man. That's the kind of stuff that cruiserweight needs. Showtime should have picked up that fight. I saw where O'Neil was complaining about the time being off in those rounds and I believe him after we clocked some of them rounds ourselves. It was a close fight and I believe Bell won the fight by a point or two. You have to take it on the chin sometimes, but I think Bell is going to get his rematch."

GL: Is there anything you'd like to say in closing?

SC: "I want to thank everyone for their support. I want all my fans t


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