Steve Cunningham: Haye, you haven't cleaned up anything!

By Brad Cooney


Steve Cunningham: Haye, you haven't cleaned up anything!

Boxingtalk sat down with the IBF cruiserweight champion Steve Cunningham and got his thoughts on some recent comments made by current world cruiserweight (WBA/WBC/WBO) champion, David Haye. While Haye has the lineage to claim true world champion status, Philadelphia's road warrior pulls no punches in this interview and makes it clear that Haye hasn't cleaned up the 200-pound weight class until he sinks the USS Cunningham!

BT – What's up champ, what's the latest with you?

SC – Staying busy in the gym Brad, keeping busy.

BT – David Haye was talking some smack about you, do you have anything that you would like to say to him in return?

SC – My record speaks for itself. I have been fighting top 10 guys since 2004. When he goes to heavyweight he won't fight top 10 guys like I have done for years already. He's doing a lot of talking, a lot of big talk just to look big. He did do a good job against Enzo Maccarinelli, but look, who has Enzo beat? Look at his record. Enzo was given a belt, I wasn't given a belt. To correct David Haye, I wasn't given any belt. I didn't win a vacant title, I fought Krzysztof Wlodarczyk, they cheated, and I got the immediate rematch, and I took the belt from him. Then I defended my title against an undefeated powerhouse in Marco Huck. I understand why Haye fought the English guy, but don't try to downplay me like I am nobody, he knows exactly who I am.

BT – Apparently David Haye is moving up to heavyweight. Usually guys talk smack to try and hype up a future fight. So if he's moving up to heavyweight, do you consider the smack that he was talking as just blatant disrespect?

SC – Basically that's right, normally a guy will talk to hype up a fight, or they will talk smack if they feel threatened by someone. That's what happened with Enzo, he did that to me last year, he talked a lot of crap about me not wanting to fight him. They offered me a fight two weeks after I won my title and I still had eleven stitches in my eye. We told them that we would take the fight, but later. Then Don King found out that Enzo's people were just talking out the side of their mouths. Now you got David Haye trying to downplay me also. It makes him look big, you know people read one side of the story until I respond. You can ask all the fans of the cruiserweight division what I have done and how hard I had to work to get this title. This title wasn't given to me, I have fought every inch for what I have right now.

BT – What would happen if you do get a chance to fight David Haye?

SC – Man, David Haye looks like an amateur fighter in there. His name is the “Hayemaker”, and that's all he does is throw big shots. Listen, that's like sparring to me, fighting him would be like sparring to me. We dismantled powerful fighters, David Haye is not a smart fighter, he's just a puncher. Boxing consists of power shots, ability, ring generalship, and boxing skills. David Haye only has one of those, power. Take that away from him, and he has nothing. I will shut him down, plain and simple

BT – You did a good job on ESPN Friday Night Fights. Did you enjoy being in the studio?

SC – Big shout out to ESPN, it was an honor for me to be on Friday Night Fights. It was an honor for me to be there. I have been watching Friday Night Fights since it used to be Tuesday Night Fights (laughs).

BT – What's next for you?

SC – If David Haye continues to lie to himself, and talk as if he cleaned up the cruiserweight division he will have to come through me first. Last time I checked I have the IBF title in my trophy case in my living room. He doesn't want to try to walk through me though, that's obvious. All he can do is talk about me, that's all he wants to do. If David Haye wants to be the TRUE undisputed champion, you have to come through me. The IBF is one of the most recognized belts in the world. Let's set this fight up before the end of May. He only fought 2 rounds a few days ago, he said he made the weight easy, so lets do this.

BT – Would you fight David Haye in England?

SC – Indeed I would. The “USS” Cunningham engines are ready, they are running. If that's what it takes for him to come out from hiding, we'll fight him in England. How many times has he fought abroad? One time against old man Mormeck. A true champion has an outstanding resume, and has been in situations where it looked like he was going to lose a fight, and then ended up winning a fight. That's a TRUE champion.

BT – You have a mandatory to fight the winner of Tomasz Adamek vs O'Neil Bell. Would you take a fight before that fight?

SC – Yes. I don't want to have to wait until September. I am talking to Don King to try to get a fight for May or June.

BT – Talk about your team a little bit.

SC – I got Anthony Chase, and my assistant trainer Buddy Osbourne. We came up through the amateurs together. We trained hard in the gym, and people used to hate against us but we always prevailed. We all believe in Jesus Christ, we are a team put together in heaven, so we are straight.

BT – How's your little girl doing? She had two major heart operations, and one more to go.

SC – My daughter has one more operation before the end of the year. We are going into the last and final surgery. We are praying that there will be no complications. She's doing real good, she's walking and growing every day.

BT – How's your new restaurant doing in Philadelphia?

SC – It's coming along pretty good. It's getting better and better every day. We are new owners, and we are bringing in new ideas. We are getting a lot of love in Philly, and it actually surprised me. Being one of the only African American owned businesses in the area, it's nice to get the support that we have been getting. I really appreciate all of the support from the area.

BT – Do you have any closing thoughts?

SC – Thanks to my fans for their prayers. David Haye, lets do this fight, the fans want to see it. I want to thank the Lord Jesus Christ for all of his blessings.


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