Star Boxing and Joe DeGuardia Respond to Don King Productions


Star Boxing and Joe DeGuardia Respond to Don King Productions

Press release: Star Boxing and Joe DeGuardia are left incredulous as to the allegations proffered by Bobby Goodman, and accordingly, Don King Productions. As several allegations have been made, we will address them individually.


Neither Joe DeGuardia, nor anyone else at Star Boxing, is, or ever has been, an agent for HBO, or anyone else for that matter. As far as the December 18th event is concerned, Star Boxing represents the interests of Star Boxing and Antonio Tarver only.

Furthermore, Goodman's allegations concerning any Star Boxing/HBO conspiracy is completely misplaced, as HBO would have paid the same licensing fee to both Don King Productions and Star Boxing for the Tarver - Briggs match up. If it is Mr. Goodman's or Mr. King's position that HBO should have paid a higher licensing fee to King, simply because he is Don King; well then I leave it to you to draw your own conclusions as to with whom the real conspiracy lies.

Antonio Tarver / Paul Briggs purse bid.

A quick survey of this website, or any other media outlet for that matter, will reveal the true motive behind Antonio Tarver choosing to fight Johnson, instead of Briggs. That reason - ITS' CLEARLY THE BETTER FIGHT!!! As the only two men to have conquered the prior king of boxing (Roy Jones), the fans want to see this match up.

It is common knowledge that the participants in this contest will be making money in excess of what Tarver-Briggs would have produced. Anyone who understands the most basic elements of supply and demand understands why. As the promoter for Antonio Tarver, Star Boxing is proud to help him secure his financial success. Quite simply, this is the fight that Tarver wants.

Alleged option on Antonio Tarver

Star Boxing is the exclusive promoter for Antonio Tarver, and was prior to the Tarver - Jones contest. As such, unless King is admitting interference with Star Boxing and Antonio Tarver's contract (which I don't suppose he is) it is impossible for him to have ANY option on Tarver that was not negotiated through Star Boxing.


Notwithstanding anything to the contrary, Star Boxing and Antonio Tarver recognize the WBC's prestige and value the honor they bestowed upon Antonio Tarver. We hope that Tarver will once again have the opportunity to compete under that majestic banner.


As your fans know, Don King Productions has recently become the promoter of Paul Briggs. It is clear why King and Goodman would have a vested interest in promoting their new fighter against boxing's current superstar - Antonio Tarver. While we sympathize with their position, ultimately Star Boxing had to do what is right for Antonio Tarver and boxing's fans. On December 18th, we believe that our decision will speak
for itself.