Spinks vs Gonzalez And Brewster vs Meehan


Spinks vs Gonzalez And Brewster vs Meehan

Undisputed Welterweight Champion Cory “The Next Generation” Spinks will defend his titles against former world champion and World Boxing Council (WBC) No. 1 contender Miguel Angel Gonzalez on Showtime from the Mandalay Bay Resort & Casino in Las Vegas on Saturday, Sept. 4. In the co-featured bout, World Boxing Organization (WBO) Heavyweight Champion “Relentless” Lamon Brewster will take on Asian Pacific and Pan Pacific Heavyweight Champion Kali “Checkmate” Meehan of Australia.


“This will be a great fight. I have to listen to what the spirit of boxing tells me. For me, to be considered the best fighter of my era, I have to fight the best competition. I know Meehan has a lot of heart. I have a lot of heart, too. We can be friends before and after, but when we fight, it’s all business. You better get two burial plots because there are going to be two deaths that night. Maybe I should get insurance for my kids in case something happens. Talk is cheap. I am just going to show what I have. I pray to God that we both walk out of the ring on Sept. 4.’’

KALI MEEHAN (29-1, 23 KOs)

“It is easy to underestimate me. Brewster knows that he has a fight on his hands and so do I. If a man believes in himself and God, he can accomplish anything. We did not underestimate you (Brewster) against Wladimir Klitschko. We actually put money on you. Like you said to Klitschko, ‘you are going to have to kill me.’ This is everything in my life right now. I have left my family back in Australia to concentrate on this fight. It is going to be a great fight. I am happy to be fighting against a great fighter.’’

CORY SPINKS (32-2, 11 KOs)

“I am ready for this fight. I am preparing myself to go to war. I take my hat off to Gonzalez when he was a champion. I will die in that ring against anyone who tries to take my titles. I will not give them up.’’


“I am very prepared for this fight. This is the fight of my life. I am ready to take the undisputed welterweight titles away from Spinks.’’