Spinks manager sounds off, blasts Mosley, Forrest, Mayweather and Ouma!

By G. Leon


Spinks manager sounds off, blasts Mosley, Forrest, Mayweather and Ouma!

GL: Boxingtalk recently broke the news that Cory Spinks will be defending his title against Rodney Jones on February 3. How has training camp been going for that fight? "It's been good. We've been grinding and sparring ten rounds four days a week. We've just been getting our grind on, getting ready to get rid of this mandatory before we move on to bigger and better things."

GL: As Cory's manager always looking to put Cory in the biggest fights out there, how frustrating has this Rodney Jones mandatory been?

Kevin Cunningham: "It's been extremely frustrating. To move up in weight and beat the best junior middleweight out there at the time to get stuck with a low money mandatory with no name wasn't our idea or the blueprint we had after defeating the best junior middleweight in the world. Cory should have been rewarded with a more marquee fight. He's one of the biggest names in the game and he should be rewarded with of the bigger marquee fights, but it just hasn't turned out that way."

GL: Cory has made it clear that he feels Mayweather and Mosley want no parts of him and he's always looking for a marquee fight. Will it be difficult for him to get up for Rodney Jones?

KC: "Nah. It ain't difficult to get up for Rodney Jones because we know we have to get up for Rodney Jones if we're going to make any of the marquee fights we're looking for. We're looking at this as a big fight because we have to take care of this to get to a bigger fight. Cory is going to be prepared to not only beat Rodney Jones, but look spectacular doing it."

GL: Where will the fight take place?

KC: "In Miami at the American Airlines Arena the day before the Super Bowl."

GL: Will it be the televised co-feature to the light heavyweight fight?

KC: "I'm not sure, but I don't care where the fight happens, we could fight this guy in a back alley in East St. Louis. We just want to get this bullshit over with so we can move on to the Mayweather's, Mosley's, Vernon's and the rest of those guys who are scared to mention Cory's name."

GL: Speaking of Miami you'll be in Miami in January because Devon Alexander will fight on the Peter-Toney II undercard. How has Dev been looking?

KC: "Oh man he's looking great! He's sending sparring partners home. We've got to get him new sparring partners everyday. If he's not sending them to the hospital with broken ribs, they're going home with icepacks. This is a kid who is going to be one of boxing's brightest stars."

GL: So obviously he's not sparring with Cory.

KC: "Nah. (laughs) If he was six feet tall he'd be sparring with Cory but there's no need for this fight."

GL: Have there been any talks with Don King regarding Cory's blueprint for 2007 and which fights you're going to be gunning for?

KC: "I'm talking to Don and Don and I are talking about the big names. It's just a matter of getting one of the guys on that list to grow some balls and stop making excuses. Mosley keeps making excuses of why he doesn't want to fight the best junior middleweight in the world. These guys need some nuts. Vernon Forrest, Shane Mosley, when it comes to Cory they act like they don't have the heart to step up. How can they be pound for pound when they don't want to fight at that weight class. You have to consider Kassim OUm the best junior middleweight prior to his fight with Roman Karmazin, Karmazin beat him and we beat Karmazin. We beat the man that beat the man so that makes us the man at 154."

GL: Shane Mosley will be fighting on HBO and his opponent has yet to be solidified so obviously his big fight options are limited at welterweight. Are you hoping he moves back up to junior middleweight where he had a rather successful 2006?

KC: "We would love to fight Shane, but like I said Shane has to grow some nuts. He tries to hand-pick opponents like Fernando Vargas, but he doesn't want to take any real challenges. People can't tell me Luis Collazo or Kermit Cintron are bigger fights that Mosley-Spinks. We're looking to get with Vernon if he's ready to step up to the plate."

GL: You just touched on how Kassim was the man at 154 before his fight with Karmazin. Many people feel that was Kassim at this worst, an off night. Should things work out well on February 3 and none of the bigger names step up, would you give OUma a shot at the title?

KC: "G, you're close enough to the Spinks camp after talking with us exclusively for so long that you know how we're going to answer that question. You know how we do."

GL: Alright then. Ladies and Gentleman, the answer is hell yeah, Spinks is ready to fight anybody.

KC: "Like I said, you know us. Ouma had a bad night against Karmazin and if he doesn't want to see another bad night he better stay away from Spinks. Ouma gets schooled if he gets in there with Cory, schooled in a major way. If Ouma can't fight and Cory can't find a fight and HBO is ready to write the check, they just might've found their fight. Cory ducks nobody. If everybody is scared to fight Cory and Ouma and it's something HBO wants to see, let's do it."

GL: Is there anything you'd like to say in closing?

KC: "February 3 will be the return on the Jinx. Hopefully after we take care of Rodney Jones either Mosley, Vernon, Vargas, Ouma, Quartey, or anyone else worth something, All of them could come on with it."


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