Spinks Vs. Tszyu In Discussion!

By G. Leon


Spinks Vs. Tszyu In Discussion!

Tszyu With Showtime For Two More Fights!

Although junior welterweight king Kostya Tszyu didn't talk much about his future plans after dominating Sharmba Mitchell last Saturday night, Boxingtalk.com can be the first to tell you that the one fight that tops Tszyperman's wishlist is a showdown with undisputed welterweight king Cory Spinks. Yesterday afternoon Team Tszyu made a few phone calls to Team Spinks to see if there was any interest in matching the two undisputed champions. Needless to say, Kevin Cunningham, Spinks manager and trainer, who for months has said Floyd Mayweather Jr. and Kostya Tszyu were the two bouts that Team Spinks is most interested in making, informed the Tszyu management just how much he and Cory love the fight.

Boxingtalk.com can also be the first to inform you that Tszyu has two more fights left with Showtime, which makes bouts with Arturo Gatti and Floyd Mayweather Jr. virtually impossible to make.

With Gatti and Mayweather out of the picture and  HOPEFULLY facing each other sometime next year, Tszyu's major options become limited.

You certainly wouldn't be fooling yourself for thinking Cory Spinks, Ricky Hatton and Vivian Harris are the three major doable fights currently available for Tszyu.

Kostya Tszyu's manager Matthew Watt told Boxingtalk.com, "We've had a few conversations, and we need to have a few more."

Although Watt remained mum on most issues he did explain to Boxingtalk that Tszyu had no problem making the junior welterweight limit of 140 pounds.

Tszyu has expressed interest in fighting Spinks ever since he became the IBF welterweight champion last year.

Spinks hasn't done anything to lessen the magnitude of this major showdown since it was first brought up over a year ago.

Since then, Spinks has gone on to become undisputed welterweight champion by out-boxing Ricardo Mayorga. He then successfully defended the undisputed championship twice against Zab Judah and Miguel Angel Gonzalez. (Note: Spinks-Gonzalez was televised by Showtime on Sept. 4)

Cunningham told Boxingtalk.com that he will be in New York City today and he plans to meet with King to discuss Spinks future.

As most already know by now, Spinks-Judah II seems to be the fight DKP is most interested in making, however, based on Team Spinks recent discussions with Tszyu's management their interest currently lies in the Tszyu bout.

Spinks simply stated, "it's a bigger fight and a bigger payday."

"It don't get no bigger than undisputed versus undisputed! This would be one for the history books," Cunningham chimed in.

"I think that Floyd Mayweather wants nothing to do with me or Tszyu, so it makes sense that we give the people what they want to see, elite fighters going up against other elite fighters"

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