Spinks Ready To Give Oscar The Golden Jinx!

By G. Leon


Spinks Ready To Give Oscar The Golden Jinx!

"If he's coming to 147, I hope it's to fight the best!"

It's no secret that former six division champion, Oscar De La Hoya is planning to move back to the welterweight limit of 147 pounds. Golden Boy CEO Richard Schaefer recently confirmed De La Hoya's intentions to Boxingtalk.com, and in typical BT style, we managed to get a hold of the best welterweight in the world to see what he had to say.

GL: Cory, what do you think about the possibility of De La Hoya moving back down to welterweight?

Cory Spinks: "Aw man G, I think it's great. If Oscar comes back down here, we just hope it's to fight the best because that's a fight I'd love to make. We could make it tomorrow and I'm down! All we've been doing is trying to make something big and all we've been hearing about is Zab Judah, that ain't what we want."

Spinks Manager And Trainer Kevin Cunningham: "Look man, it's really simple. Everyone knows we want to fight the best. We wanted to fight Floyd, but he just talked a good game, he wouldn't walk one after acting gangsta at the press conference. Then we tell the world we're ready to move up to middleweight to fight Tito Trinidad, our promoter doesn't want to make it happen, which is tough to understand since he's got both guys.

"Then there's the Tszyu fight, which the Tszyu people have contacted me several times about. They want to make it happen and we want to make it happen, but it doesn't seem like Don King and Vlad Warton want to make it happen."

"We're tired of hearing about Zab Judah, that fight doesn't make dollars or sense. We're finished with high-risk low-reward fights. It seems as though they're only interested in putting in high-risk, low-reward fights. We don't mind taking the high risk, we just want to be rewarded for it.

"But I'll tell it to you like this Greg, with De La Hoya saying he's coming back to welterweight, our promoter better make something big for us. I know you love your scoops and I got a remember where you heard it first for your ass, Don King has already been put on notice that certain obligations haven't been lived up to. Working together works, but not working together works also. People who read this know what that means, so we'll leave it at that."

GL: What message would you like to relay to Oscar through Boxingtalk.com?

Cory Spinks: "I respect him as a fighter and he's done a lot of great things for the sport. Oscar is definitely the kind of guys I want to fight. You're coming to welterweight, I'm UNDISPUTED, I got all three belts so let's do this. He's never had all three belts in any division and I'm willing to give him that chance."



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