Spina predicts KO of Manfredo

By Brad Cooney


Spina predicts KO of Manfredo

Boxingtalk caught up with undefeated super middleweight Joe Spina (19-0) to discuss his upcoming fight against season one Contender star Peter Manfredo, Jr. (25-3). This fight is scheduled for October 14, 2006 at The Duncan Donut Center in Providence, Rhode Island. Spina makes it clear that there is no love lost
between him and Manfredo, and he predicts a knockout within nine rounds. Spina has 14 knockouts in his 19 fights. 

BT: What's good Joey? You and Manfredo are about to get this thing on.
Spina: I am training real hard for this fight. Peter and I are rivals, and both from Providence.

BT: Where did all of this animosity come from between you two guys Joey?
Spina: Where it all got started was the comments that he said that I was jealous of him, and that I am not a real prospect. Once all of that started, things changed. Peter got his claim to fame by
losing on a boxing show. He calls himself The Pride of Providence, well I am The King of Providence.

BT: Joey you are 19-0 with 14 KOs, talk about how important this fight is for your career.
Spina: Every fight that I fight is important. This is a little more important because we are rivals, and we are both from Providence. I have been on national television 16 out of 20 fights.
This is a good opportunity to knock off Peter Manfredo, Jr. on ESPN.

BT: You are the bigger and stronger guy, how do you see yourself matching up against Peter?
Spina: Well it's whoever is more determined. He is the better schooled fighter, he has been fighting since he was 5 years old, I have been boxing since I was 20 years old. The way I see myself
beating him is by knocking him out, but I don't have to because I am going to be right up his ass for this fight, right in front of him. I am not going anywhere.

BT: How has your camp gone for you?
Spina: Everything is great.  I've been sparring with Ishe Smith. I have been working on my conditioning, it's been a great camp.

BT: Are you going to try to get Manfredo out of there early?
Spina: I am going right at him from round 1 through 12. I may have been losing to Jesse Brinkley [whom Spina eventuall stopped], but my power is there in any round, and I got him. I am a determined up and coming fighter that really wants to win.

BT: Where do you want to be this time next year?
Spina:  I want to be a world champion. Instead of having just the continental title, I want world titles.

BT: Is there anything that you would like to say to the fans in closing?
Spina: I want to thank my sparring partner, my trainer Eddie Mustafa Muhammad, and I want to tell Peter Manfredo Jr., I am   coming for you!

BT: Any predictions Joey?
Spina: A ninth round knockout.


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