Sour grapes from O'Neil Bell


Sour grapes from O'Neil Bell

Post-fight report from France

Press Release: O'Neil Bell from Jamaica now fighting out of Atlanta, did not agree with the decision in his world cruiserweight championship rematch with Jean Marc Mormeck in France. Mormeck won by scores of 115-113 (twice) and 116-112. Bell lost many early rounds but was coming on late.

“Mormeck is a monster in the ring,” Bell said.  “I spared him the knockout this time but I think I did enough to win. I am disappointed by this decision.  I thought I won every round.  I am appalled by the judges.  He never hurt me. I’ve been off for 14 months and my promoter Warriors Boxing needs to answer
for that. “I’d like to come back to France and do it again.  I’d even do it with the same judges.  It wouldn’t go three rounds before I’d knock Mormeck out again. I want Mormeck to look me eye to eye and tell me he won that fight because he didn’t.  That cat never hurt me.”

Bell prowled the dressing room hallways looking for Mormeck after the fight, and he stormed into the post-fight press conference with his anger festering while he waited for the Frenchman to arrive.

After Mormeck commented on the fight, he responded to a reporter’s question by saying, “I don’t like O’Neil Bell.”  Before the translator could say, “but I do have tremendous respect for him as a fighter,” Bell rushed toward Mormeck and a brief melee broke out that promoter Don King would later characterize as “deplorable after such a great match took place.”

The victor was understandingly more positive in his comments. “Bell was in good shape,” Mormeck said.  “He always has surprises for me and tonight was no different.  He was still standing after 12 rounds. I do not respect him as a person but I do have tremendous respect for him as a fighter. I need to fight more regularly like this, at the highest levels.  Now I want to become the undisputed cruiserweight world champion.  That means fighting for the IBF title."