Simms wants Taylor or Wright!


Simms wants Taylor or Wright!

PRESS RELEASE: Tarvis Simms is ready and willing to fight either champion, Winky Wright or Jermain Taylor on any turf, whenever they want it, as those two refuse to come to terms for whatever reason it may be.   After offering Jermain Taylor to fight Tarvis on four or five previous occasions, Team Simms is beginning to believe that the Taylor Camp and Lou Dibella are either scared or feel seriously threatened by the slick undefeated middleweight.   With 20 wins and ZERO losses, Tarvis Simms is willing to do whatever it takes to get the title shot he so longingly deserves.  If Wright wants to solidify himself at middleweight, there is no one more skilled at the 160lb weight class.   Let the boxing fans get what they deserve, fight the best.                          


"I'll hit Jermain Taylor so hard he'll stop stuttering," claims the undefeated middleweight.   "Winky Wright needs to stop fighting garbage like Sam Soliman and take on a real fighter, with real skills.  If they don't want to fight each other, I will fight them both.   It doesn't matter to me.  This is my year and I am willing to go to their backyards.  I am well deserving!   I am the most deserving! And I am the only legitimate undefeated middleweight with more than 20 wins."


With rumors of a Wright-Soliman rematch, Team Simms is ready to put the garbage to sleep and give the boxing fans what they truly deserve, a fighter that can actually hit the target he is swinging for.   "Soliman does not do any justice for boxing.  I'm coming with speed and power.  It's just a matter of when they fall."    Simms goes on to discuss the Frazier controversy, "I beat Frazier so bad, I'm surprised he didn't ask me for my autograph.  I beat the piss out of Robert Frazier and everyone in the arena knew it."   Give the fans what they deserve.  Give the fans the most deserving… "Marvelous" Tarvis Simms…  


"You're going to have to face me sooner or later.  Let's get it over with!!!"