Sheika seeks shot at Lacy and feels Allan is still too Green!

By Socrates Palmer


Sheika seeks shot at Lacy and feels Allan is still too Green!

Omar Sheika has been one of the most entertaining fighters of his generation. His blood and guts style have made him a television darling. When I first think of The Patterson, New Jersey born Sheika of Palestinian decent has long been a fixture in the Super Middleweight division. Sheika has fought some of the biggest names in the sport during his near 10 year pro career. In fact, Sheika has fought 6 former or current world champions. Despite Sheika’s ring experience its hard to believe that he is only 29 years old. Sheika tells Boxingtalk, that he can still be a world champion and strongly disagrees with those who say other wise. One man on Sheika’s mind is Jeff “Left Hook” Lacy. Sheika is desperately seeking a rematch against the former IBF champion. As of now no opponent has been named for the former world title holder and former Olympian, in his comeback bout set for December 2nd. Sheika feels that he would be the perfect match for Lacy on this night.

“I have had two losses in a row and that’s the bottom line. I got jerked in the loss to Beyer and I thought I won that fight against Lacy, just like a lot of other people. So for Lacy to blow me off and say that I’m coming off of two straight losses after the way he lost is ridiculous. His loss to Calzaghe was like five losses with that ass whooping he took”, said Sheika.

“I understand taking a tune up but not on HBO. He can do that on some club show or something off major TV. You can’t get on HBO fighting nobodies. When he (Lacy) first came on the scene he would say he would fight anyone now he is looking to fight guys like Yusef Mack. Mack got knocked out in his last fight. Where’s his heart at? He is totally contradicting what he said about wanting a fight with Calzaghe but then you are asking for a soft opponent? What do you prove? Especially not on HBO”, said Sheika.

In December of 2004, Lacy received a unanimous decision win as he successfully defended his crown against Sheika.

“I won at least 7 or 8 rounds. I think a rematch is more than warranted. A rematch would be a great fight, but the result would be different. He knows he did not beat me”, said Sheika.

The HBO owned date is set emanate from St. Petersburg, Florida. It has been rumored that Lacy will take on the 30 year old Ukrainian, Vitali Tsypko. To date nothing has been made official. 

Another fighter on Sheika’s radar is the “Pride of Providence” Peter Manfredo Jr. According to Sheika he had a verbal agreement with promoter Jimmy Burchfield earlier in the Spring to fight Manfredo. According to Sheika the two men were set to meet in June at the Mohegan Sun.

“Manfredo and I had two dates this year and at the time of the negations they used the excuse that he had legal problems. Obviously those problems are gone because he fought Spina a couple of weeks ago on ESPN. I give him credit that he won the fight. But come on Spina is a bum. Who is Spina? I guess someone talked some sense into him and gave him good advice not to fight me. I guess it’s in his best interest to keep taking the easy way,” said Sheika.

Sheika was referring to the very highly anticipated match for the battle of Rhode Island. It was an evening that saw Manfredo Jr. use only 3 rounds to dispose of the previously unbeaten Spina and earn a TKO victory.

“Anyone who is impressed or surprised that Manfredo beat up on Spina knows nothing about boxing. Like I said I give him credit, but he did what he was supposed to do,” state Sheika.

In the co-feature bout of the evening, fast rising Oklahoma based super middleweight contender Allan Green remained undefeated as he stopped Jerson Ravello. Green won an 8th round TKO to improve his record to 23-0. Sheika was less than impressed by the current USBA super middleweight champion.

“I’d fight him. I think he’s good but he is unproven. I can see that he can punch, but after that there is nothing special there. If you look at his record he has beaten unproven opposition. I was surprised he beat Jerson (Ravello). To me Jerson was not himself. He looked like he over trained and was off. I am not taking anything away from his performance but he is nothing special. He is slow, he has no coordination. He’s also very easy to hit,” said Sheika.

“I can fight these cupcakes that all these guys have been taking on, but it does nothing for me. It would not prove anything. I am not about that. Green, Manfredo, and Lacy they talk shit that no one wants to fight them and that’s a lie. They are both protected and overrated. I’m here and willing to fight either of them. I think after a while people are going to get tired of them fighting softies. The public wants to see good fights”, said Shieka.


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