Shaw To Sue Watley Over BT Story!


Shaw To Sue Watley Over BT Story!

Promoter Gary Shaw announced today that he intends to sue Ted Watley, an advisor/ father figure to Mike Tyson, for libel based upon various statements that Watley made about Shaw in a story.  "I am not going to sit by while Watley tells lies about my supposedly having cheated fighters," said Shaw.  "Everything he said about me in the article is demonstrably false."

In the Boxingtalk interview posted yesterday, Watley said, "Shelly Finkel  [Tyson's manager] is partners with [Chester]  English, him and Gary Shaw ripped the fighter off. They went into Louisville  [for the Tyson-Danny Williams fight] and Shelly had them bring in Gary Shaw as an advisor, they tried to turn the fight upside down and they shook them people down like they weren't shit. They shook them down. They made the promoter sign the foreign sales over to them, they made the promoter gives all of his rights over to them and they shook him down."

Shaw has been consulting with attorney Judd Burstein, although at this moment it is unclear if Burstein will represent Shaw in the planned libel suit. "These kinds of outrageous falsehoods need to be stopped in their tracks," stated Burstein.  "Mr. Watley should expect to pay a heavy price for his misconduct. At a minimum, he will be far less likely to open his mouth and spew lies the next time around.  Indeed, he may not be able to afford the dime to call anyone."  Burstein says he will wait until he obtains permission from another one of his clients, ex-world champion Shane Mosley, before he formally agrees to represent Shaw against Watley.

UPDATE: Boxingtalk has been informed that Burstein will indeed represent Shaw in this matter and that he intends to file suit later this week.