Sharmba Mitchell Ready for a Brawl Against Paul Williams

By Ryan Kennedy


Sharmba Mitchell Ready for a Brawl Against Paul Williams

"If Williams wants to press me, let him press. I'm always ready for a fight."

BoxingTalk:  After your loss to Floyd Mayweather you're now taking on Paul Williams, who's a pretty respectable undefeated prospect coming off three knockouts against decent opposition.  Do you think beating a major prospect like him should put you at the top of the list again?
Sharmba Mitchell:  Yeah I think it's a good fight and should be pretty significant for the both of us.  He's a top ranked guy and whatever I've got to do to get into that number one position I'll do.  It's all about becoming the mandatory for the top guys at this point.
BoxingTalk:  What kind of flaws or rookie mistakes do you see in his game or anticipate?
Sharmba Mitchell: Well, he's a good little fighter.  He's a southpaw.  He's a really tall guy.  He's definitely taking a step up in fighting me.  He's got a pretty amateur style though and hasn't really gotten his feet wet with guys like me, but every fighter has to take a step up at some point.  Whether or not he can bring it we'll just have to find out.
BoxingTalk:  You're a slick boxer.  Do you think he'll have trouble with a veteran who's been in the ring with the very best?
Sharmba Mitchell: Sure.  He just doesn't have the experience yet.  Williams has never really fought anyone really up there like me and the last guy he fought - yeah, he was an undefeated prospect but he had a pretty hard time with him. 
BoxingTalk:  He seems under the impression that as long as he keeps pressing you, you'll eventually fall.  Do you think that's a mistake on his part?
Sharmba Mitchell:  If Williams wants to press me, let him press.  I'm always ready for a fight.
BoxingTalk:  What kind of big fights are you looking toward down the road?  Hatton?  Margarito?
Sharmba Mitchell: I'm not really looking down the road at this point.  I've gotta take him out first and he's a tough guy.  I mean I've got a guy I'm fighting in a few weeks that's an aggressive fighter who doesn't stop throwing punches so I can't look ahead.  After I'm done with him, then I'll start going over my options.
BoxingTalk:  What have you learned from your loss to Mayweather?
Sharmba Mitchell: Well, not so much as what I have left to learn as what I learned about myself.  I was the veteran in that fight and I was bringing it but for whatever reason they wanted to stop it.  I made him miss a lot.  I can still hang with the young guys.
BoxingTalk:  Obviously as a boxer you're a boxing fan.  What kind of fights are you hoping to see down the road at any weight class?
Sharmba Mitchell: There are a lot of great fights out there that can be made.  It really seems the 147 and 154 divisions are back and as long as the promoters aren't getting in the way and the fighters aren't ducking each other we should see some good fights.
BoxingTalk:  What fighters inspire or inspired you getting into the sport?
Sharmba Mitchell: Ali for sure.  Man, he was so fast and so slick in the ring.  Frazier and all the other Olympians that came out.  Can't forget Ray Robinson.  That was the nicest, slickest guy out there and he was doing stuff fifty years ago that we're all doing today.
BoxingTalk:  I'd normally be asking who you'd favor in a fight between a '64 Ali and an '88 Tyson, but I think it's safe to say you're an Ali guy.  How do you think that would go down?
Sharmba Mitchell: The thing with Ali is that he was always able to use his reach and height on smaller guys and take them out on that.  He could box better than anyone out there and there was nothing they could do about it.  He had the best jab out there.  The jab would've killed him for sure.
BoxingTalk:  Any last words you want to get out there?
Sharmba Mitchell: Everyone come out to the fight.  Paul, come out and fight.
BoxingTalk:  We appreciate your time, Sharmba.
Sharmba Mitchell: Take it easy.


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