Sergio Mora: The Contender Champ Eager To Show What He's Got Against Former Champ

By G. Leon


Sergio Mora:  The Contender Champ Eager To Show What He's Got Against Former Champ

BT:  Big fight coming up on September 15th against Kassim Ouma.  Tell us about it. "It's going to be an exciting fight for everybody.  Kassim comes, he throws a hundred punches around.  Like I told everyone at the podium over there, I don't like getting hit.  It's going to be a battle, and I have a will to win.  It's going to be exciting for the fans, and that's the main concern for me.  It always is.  He's called the Dream, thank God for the last couple of years, I've been living the dream.  It's time for one of us to wake up, I guess.  I don't plan on losing, and neither does he.  It should be an exciting fight for all of you."

BT:  Do you consider him to be stylisticly perfect for you, based on the fact that you view boxing as a science and he's just a one dimensional straight forward volume puncher?

SM:  We can say that styles makes fights, and obviously, he gives trouble to everbody.  I train to beat the individual, I don't train to beat the style.  Yes, I think he compliments the good things that I do.  I can bang him on the inside, or I can out-box him, as far as I think.  It's going to be an amazing fight, and exciting for you guys.  I know it's a step up for me considering he's an ex-champion, and considering that he's so respectable and formidable.  That's the reason that I'm just thrilled.  It's time for me to shine.

BT:  What does a victory over Ouma mean to you?

SM:  A victory over Ouma is great for everybody, not just for me.  Everybody sees me as a reality show fighter, but they don't understand.  I've earned my scars and my stitches.  I belong here, and I'm going to become champion.  This is that step up, that ex-champion that I've got to beat.  I'm looking forward to it.

BT:  Do you believe, in your mind, that a victory over Ouma should put all the critics and naysayers to rest?

SM:  Definitely, he just went 12 rounds with the undisputed, undefeated middleweight champion of the world.  I'm ranked #10, I'm not a champ.  If I  can just put a stamp on that victory, and do better than Jermain, how can I not fight for a title?  It should be an exciting fight, an exciting show.  I'm coming to win a championship.  Whether I'm fighting Jermain Taylor, if he moves up, or I'm fighting for a vacant title, I'm fighting anybody.  It's my time, it's my time to bacome a champ.

BT:  I look forward to a great fight on the 15th.  In the meantime, give us some closing thoughts for the fans.

SM:  For the fans, thank you for all the support.  Always, and even the critics, I love you guys too.  A shout-out to Brad Cooney, I appreciate everyone over there on BoxingTalk.


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