Sergio Mora One-on-One

By Brad Cooney


Sergio Mora One-on-One

Contender Champion Sergio Mora had plenty to say in response to Peter Manfredo Jr's comments made in a previous boxingtalk interview a few weeks ago. In this Boxingtalk exclusive, Mora comments on Manfredo's performance against Scott Pemberton, and directly challenges Manfredo to another fight in Providence. Sergio also talks about his upcoming fight scheduled for this May, and much, much more!

BT: Sergio first of all thank you very much for sitting down and talking to

SM: My pleasure.

BT: Sergio give me your thoughts on the Peter Manfredo Jr vs Scott Pemberton fight, let's start there.

SM: I thought Peter Manfredo looked amazing, it was good for him, his family, and for the city of Providence. There are some unbelievable fans there, and it looked good on my part to considering I beat him twice. I think overall it was 100 percent positive for everyone, except Scott (laughs). You know what, I don't think Peter and I will be fighting any time soon, because I think he's going in a different direction. It's not the disparity in weight, I just think personally he knows he cannot beat me, and it won't be fun for him to have to fight me, when he can make a living fighting other people like 40 yr old ex contenders.

BT: Sergio, in my last interview with Peter Manfredo he informed the Boxingtalk readers that he did not want to fight you, and that you had made remarks to him after the second fight with him saying that you no longer needed him, and that you were going in a different direction. Are those comments true, and what are your thoughts on what Peter Manfredo said about you?

SM: Firstly, me and him personally don't talk. I respect Peter, I have nothing but respect for him and his family. I don't think the feelings are mutual though, I don't think they like me very much. I will fight Peter Manfredo in Providence, it doesn't matter to me, I will fight him pretty much anywhere. If he didn't beat me in that last fight with me being sick a week before the fight, and the big gash on my eye, and me being 60 percent, he will never, ever, ever beat me. The bottom line is that he knows in his heart that if he can't beat me at my 60 percent, he won't ever beat me, and it doesn't make sense to him to fight me again.

BT: I think most boxing fans realize that a third fight between you guys would be a nice payday fight for both of you though.

SM: Ok get me on the record on this, YES I will fight him any time he wants, and anywhere he wants, I do not fear him 1 percent! He is just a tough Italian that can take a punch, with decent skills but he doesn't have what it takes to beat me ever. I will fight him anytime, and financially it makes sense but it looks like he's going separate ways. Peter moved up to super middleweight, and I am not moving anywhere, but I am so confident I will fight him at 168, 175 doesn't matter.

BT: Sergio when did all of this crap get started between you two? Were there any problems between you and Peter off camera during The Contender that the people didn't get a chance to see?

SM: No not with me, I got along with all of them. I have respect for all of them, the respect just faded little by little but no man, we are boxers and we are gentleman, this is a job, and I respect all of those guys.

BT: Ok Sergio if you and Peter aren't going to fight again, what's next for you?

SM: We are looking at May 4th, me, Alhponso Gomez, Miguel Espino all on the same card, It will be the next ESPN Contender card. I will be fighting someone that's definitely in the top 10, I have a hand-full of names but I can't comment on them right now.

BT: Speaking of Miguel Espino, he looked sharp the other night against Dorian Beaupierre.

SM: Oh man Dorian was a formidable opponent, good job for Miguel he looked great out there. Miguel is getting more confidence, and I think that's the most important thing with Miguel, he needs to know that he can be one of the best. On The Contender he had a slight loss to Peter Manfredo Jr, he barely lost that fight. Miguel has the determination and the grit to do very well, he looked great the other night.

BT: Jonathan Reid, a class act good guy didn't look so good. What are your thoughts on Jonathan's performance?

SM: Last minute fight for him, I never liked last minute fights. Jonathan asked me for my opinion before the fight, and I told him it was a good idea for him to take the fight, because he's coming off of a loss, and this opponent he could go the distance with, and it was good money. He just let that fight slip, he just let it go.

BT: Sergio is there anything in closing you would like to say to all of your fans out there?

SM: Yes, I would like to say to my fans thanks for your support. I am out here for the Vargas fight, and there are a lot of Contender fans out here that respect what I did, and respect The Contender. I am looking forward to doing it again this coming May, and even to the Italian fans out there that booed me all 10,000 of them in The Dunkin Donuts Arena (laughs), The passion they have to boo me, I will turn that passion into fans for me, because they like fight, and they like grit and that's what I got, so it's all good.

BT: Sergio I really appreciate you spending some time with

SM: No problem, take care.



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