Sergei Liakhovich sounds off

By G. Leon


Sergei Liakhovich sounds off

Liakhovich to Toney: "Anywhere, Anytime!"

GL: What's the latest and greatest Sergei? Actually, things pretty good I've recovered from my injuries and I'm ready to go." GL: Sultan Ibragimov just defeated Shannon Briggs for the WBO title you used to hold, did you see the fight?  "I saw the fight and it was a good win for Ibragimov. It wasn't an impressive win but it was a good win for him."

GL: What do you think of him as a fighter?

SL: "I would love to fight this guy. I heard this guy said something about me after his fight. It totally surprised me, but people have told me that he Liakhovich, when he fought Shannon Briggs, was scared to fight Shannon Briggs. You know what? We'll see. I would love to fight this guy wherever he wants. Whatever country he wants to fight in, pick a place. I'll fight him in his backyard. If he wants to fight I'm ready to fight and I'm ready to shut his mouth to show him that I'm scared to fight anybody. This guy's got some nerve talking about me like I'm scared to fight somebody. I fought that fight with Briggs injured, but like I said, I will fight him in his backyard."

GL: Based on the fact that he got a title shot coming off a draw to Ray Austin to you believe the WBO should allow you an opportunity as their former champion?

SL: "It was a big surprise for me that a guy coming off a draw was made number one contender. It was unbelievable, but I am tired of all these bullshit politics. These guys do whatever they want to do but the only thing that matters is what happens in the ring. Put this guy in front of me and see what I do to him."

GL: James Toney was also brought up during our last discussion...

SL: (cutting in) "James Toney is James Toney and he has a big mouth. He said things about me and everybody but everything he says is bullshit and I would love to shut his mouth. We have the same promoter with Don King so all he has to do is step up and I'll fight him anywhere, anytime. I'd fight him in his backyard too, anytime he's ready I'll shut his big mouth."

GL: Is there anything you'd like to say in closing?

SL: "I want to get back in the ring right away. James Toney, Sultan. It doesn't matter. I want to fight the Klitschko whenever they stop running, but I'm ready for anybody right now so get ready. The last thing I want to say is that the bullshit politics of this sport are really starting to piss me off."


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