Seeno Group show all set for Tomorrow night

By Darren Nichols


Seeno Group show all set for Tomorrow night

Seeno Boxing Group will promote a boxing show this weekend that includes the likes of Francisco "El Gato" Figueroa, Ubaldo Hernandez, David Estrada, and up-and comer Abi Santizo putting his undefeated record on the line.  Boxingtalk recently spoke with Seeno's head honcho, Yaseen Malnik to speak about tomorrow night's card and what to expect from the pool of talent once the bell rings.

BT:  Yaseen, you have a big show coming up tomorrow night in West Palm Beach.  Tell us about it.

Yaseen Malnik:  It’s going to be an amazing show. You have Mexico going up against Puerto Rico, with Francisco “El Gato” Figueroa facing Ubaldo Hernandez.  Gato is an undeniable talent.  This is really a crossroads fight for him.  This fight will show whether he is a real contender or a talent that almost made it.

BT:  Francisco Figueroa is facing Ubaldo Hernandez in one of the featured bouts.  Both guys really bring it whenever they enter the ring.  What kind of fight can we expect when they face each other tomorrow night?

Yaseen Malnik:  Their fight is for the NABF junior welterweight title, and any time you have Mexico going up against Puerto Rico then you can expect fireworks.  Ubaldo knocked out Ebo Elder in the first round. He’s the only person I know of to drop Juan Diaz, dropped him in the third round of their fight.  If Figueroa gets past Hernandez then hopefully Dmitriy Salita will stop ducking him the way he has for a while now.  After we get through Salita, then I’d like him to face Paul Malignaggi.

BT:  David Estrada is also on tomorrow night’s card and has faced some of the best in his division.  With two knockout wins in his last two fights, will he make three in a row on Saturday?

Yaseen Malnik:  He’s facing Luther Smith is a veteran who only has four losses.  Estrada normally fights at the welterweight limit, but this fight is for 153.  However, Estrada is looking really strong.  I’ve never seen him train harder and more determined then he is now for this fight.  If he wins tomorrow night, then he will face Andre Berto in September, setting up the fight he really wants, a rematch with Kermit Cintron.

BT:  Abi Santizo is an exciting undefeated lightweight prospect who is also on the card tomorrow night.  How do you feel Santizo rates among some of the other young up-and-coming lightweights?

Yaseen Malnik:  Abi is so exciting.  He’s built like a horse.  He’s huge.  He’s known as “the Machine” because he never stops throwing punches, and he has what it takes to become a world champion.

BT:  You are also incorporating music into your card tomorrow night with Brooke Hogan singing the National Anthem, and N.O.R.E making a special performance.  Do you feel that integrating today’s recording artists and boxing stars is the future of our sport?

Yaseen Malnik:  Absolutely.  You see the mix of sports and music in other sports.  Big stars play at the half time show at the Super Bowl, and Marc Anthony sang the National Anthem at the De La Hoya fight.  It is my plan to put the best fighters and recording artists together, and incorporate a great event and great show. 

BTYou recently signed junior middleweight contender Ishe Smith to your promising list of fighters.  What was it about Ishe, that made you want to have him part of your team?

Yaseen Malnik:  Ishe is really of the most talented fighters in the world.  I truly believe that. He has so much potential, and he is only 29.  He’s going to shock the world because he has so much talent, but has just underachieved.  I want him to shock people because I know that when Ishe, and all my fighters showcase their superior skills, they will become superstars.


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