Sechew Powell wants some answers but IS/HE Capable of providing them?

By G. Leon


Sechew Powell wants some answers but IS/HE Capable of providing them?

GL: As you're well aware Ishe Smith had a lot to say in response to your last interview on Boxingtalk. Did you read our interview with Ishe, if so what are your thoughts on it? "First of all he's got a lot of nerve calling anybody soft. Forget about what I told you last time with this dude looking at the clock in his fight with Randall Bailey, this dude was crying like some broad on National TV. Look Greg, on February 17 I'm going to break him down and knock him out, but before I do we're going to take a minute to break his name down while asking him some very important questions. This dude is writing poems about me, I'm starting to think he's catching some real feelings about me. But I've got some questions you should ask him when you speak with him or he should answer when he tries to respond to this. It's real talk on B-Talk all day, every day so I'm dying to know...1. IS-HE 'Still Broke and Bankrupt" Smith?

2.IS-HE 'on his fourth or fifth promoter' Smith?

3.IS-HE 'going to cry like a broad again on February 17' Smith?

4.IS-HE 'going to become a shook one when the bell rings' Smith?

5.Is-He 'going to be able to pop off at the mouth with a broken jaw' Smith?


GL: (cutting in) Stop it, Sechew I'm sure that's enough questions for him to answer in one interview. Allow me to ask you a few. How do you feel about Ishe saying that your easily taken out of game and pointing towards to DQ to Mora as the foundation of his opinion.

Sechew Powell: "Ishe thinks a lot of things. He thinks he's going to become champion one day, he thinks that he belongs in the same ring as me and he thinks he can get to me. But check this out, he needs to do better homework on me than that, before he resorted to rough tactics that lead to me slamming him, I gave Mora the most one sided beating he's ever taken as an amatuer. He knew he had no chance of winning so that's why he fought the kind of fight he did at the Olympic trials. Ishe doesn't need to worry about that, that happened a few years before he couldn't wait for his fight with Randall Bailey to end. I promise all of my fans and everyone who tunes in to HBO on February 17 that nothing will take me off my game or distract me from what I need to do."

GL: And what do you need to do Sechew?

SP: "Punish this clown from round one until I knock him out. He's been doing a lot of talking and it's cool to promote the fight but once we get in there my fists will do the talking and his face will tell the story. I've been shutting it down from doing interviews and the only reason I picked up to do this one is because I saw your number. But you should tell your boy that all this talking is just going to make it worse for him next month, so the more he talks, the worse he's going to get it.

GL: I appreciate that Sechew and I can take a hint so we'll keep this one short, is there anything you'd like to say in closing?

SP: "I want to thank you and Boxingtalk for supporting me from day one and I look forward to putting a great show on February 17. I'm going to show everyone that I'm one of the best out there and a force to be reckoned with at junior mdidleweight, and it all starts on February 17."


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