Sechew Powell ready to look sharp in his ShoBox Return!

By Ray O. Campbell Jr.


Sechew Powell ready to look sharp in his ShoBox Return!

RC: What’s going on Sechew?

SP: I am good man; I am just here working hard getting ready form my fight date.

RC: How has training been for this fight?

SP: It’s been good so far man, I can’t complain, we got the sparring in, we got the training and running in, you know I just did everything right, so I am real confident about my training and real confident about the fight because of the training.

RC: You were originally suppose to face Aslanbek Kodzoev, but it looks like now you will be fighting Patrick Thompson, did the change in opponent throw off your preparation any at all?

SP: Nah, not necessarily my preparation, but it kind of threw off my motivation, I was looking forward to fighting a kid like Kodzoev. I was definitely looking to fight him man, it would have been a real big opportunity to fight a guy like him and take what he has to offer from being successful.

RC: So after your last performance on Showtime(8 round Split Decision), in which you didn’t get raves reviews over, you were looking forward to going out there and put on an impressive performance against a higher level opponent to make a statement by not taking an easy fight back in you network return?

SP: Absolutely man, I was real psyched about getting the opportunity to fight even him, because of his ranking and being that his record is so good, I was really looking forward to that, but unfortunately there has been a change of plans and he was unable to meet the contract.

RC: You mentioned that you lost a little motivation, how are you getting motivated for guy like Patrick Thompson, who if you beat it really doesn’t do anything for you?

SP: Well I wouldn’t go as far as to say that much; it is still an accomplishment to fight him, just the fact that I am going to get to fight on ShoBox and display my skills. It is motivation enough for to train hard and look as spectacular as a I can, because everybody knows that Showtime is a premium cable network, and it broadcast internationally as well as nationwide if I am not mistaken. So I am definitely looking to look as sharp as possibly on the broadcast. Despite it is not being against an opponent that I wanted, I am still motivated to look as sharp as possible and be successful.

RC: Can you tell us anything about him?

SP: Actually I don’t know too much about him, he was a late replacement, we got the word that he is a very tough kid, he is a brawler aggressive kind of guy, who goes and fights people in there backyards. He likes fighting undefeated guys, so the impression that I get from him thus far is that he is not the type of guy that ids going to back down, he is going to come and bring his best fight forward that he can bring. So I am definitely excited that they found somebody that is going to bring his “A” game.

RC: Now do you fell that in a way you have to go out there and look super spectacular, being that he doesn’t have as good a record as your original opponent?

SP: Absolutely not, every fight is the same for me; I am looking to look as sharp as possible in every fight. I don’t look at it as it’s this guy, and not the other guy, it doesn’t change my way of thinking as far as how well I have to perform. I am always looking to perform as sharp as possible and more importantly I am just looking to win the fight and climb the ladder, just to get closer and closer to that world title.

RC: What can you say you have learned since your performance against Grady Brewer?

SP: If I had to say I learned anything, I would say I learned to train a lot harder; I was in poor shape for the fight. I pretty much took him real light; I didn’t train hard at all. I didn’t really train as up to par as I should have. I took him kind of lightly, at the time I was pretty much boxing off of talent in all of my fights prior to that, it was mainly talent that took me there. Since then I have gotten with a better trainer, and I train like a professional now, I go to camp, I work ten rounds in sparring and I do everything according to a champion now, which is pretty much the difference right now.

RC: Why don’t you tell us a little bit about your team now?

SP: As far as my team, I am not with Angel Rivera anymore, I am with Francisco Guzman.

RC: Do you still speak to Angel Rivera?

SP: I haven’t spoken to him, he is a cool dude, he is not a bad dude at all. Personally I think he is a good guy, but as far as my career I had to make the best decision for myself, because this is a business and I am looking to reach the top so I can’t really play games with that, you don’t get time back. Time is something that you don’t get back so you have to make the right decisions, the best decision at the time when you need to do it the most, and now is when I need to do that, so I did it. I feel real god about it, I am with a good trainer now, I am with Francisco Guzman, we are working strong, I learned a lot, and he showed me a lot of new moves and stuff I use in my arsenal. I am real happy, and I feel real confident with my new team.

RC: Before you brought him on your team, what did you feel he would bring to the table joining team Powell?

SP: Well I worked with him as a young fighter in my teens. He was always working with professional fighters, and that is why I had to leave him and start working with Angel Rivera on the strength that he was always gone and away at training camps working with professional guys, you know guys like Arturo Gatti, Buddy McGirt and guys like that. He was always training those types of guys, so you know I had to leave him and go with Angel, who had more time at the time to work with me. I am professional now, and he just seems like the best man for the job. We had great chemistry in the past and we still do today, and that is pretty much the reason why I made this decision.

RC: Now I know after the Grady Brewer you guys were talking about doing it again with him, is that still a possibility?

SP: Well anything is possible in boxing, so the answer to that is of course it is still possibly.

RC: (Cutting in) is it something that is on your agenda?

SP: It’s actually not on my agenda; because if it was, when my opponent was replaced they should have went and hollered at him, they could have brought him back on ShoBox.

RC: (Cutting in) I personally would have liked to see you fight him again so that you can beat him convincingly like...

SP: (Cutting in) If the opportunity arise, I would definitely fight him again, but I am looking past that, I am looking for bigger and better things, I am looking for top ten, undefeated guys. Those are crash dummies, those are guys that are like 17-9 or 17-10, beating guys like that won’t do anything for me, and those fights won’t get me closer to a belt. There is no doubt in my mind that I can definitely dominate this guy the way it should be done, I just don’t feel it is necessary, I am looking to get closer to a belt, I am not wasting my time trying to prove something to this man, I am trying to prove to myself that I can become a world champion. I am trying to get closer to the belts. So with that being said, I need bigger and better fights, I need people who are undefeated , people with something to loose not like these journey men crash dummies. They are not going to progress my career, they are not going to rank me, that is the only reason why I am not so interested, but otherwise I would love to fight this guy. I was hoping that they was going to get him for this date because of the replacement situation. I figured he would jump right into it, but I guess that wasn’t on the agenda of my promoters and matchmakers.

RC: Is there anything else you want to say inclosing to the people out there?

SP: I just want to tell everybody to tune into the fight, it is going to be a great fight. I am definitely looking to look as sharp as possible, you are going to see “The Iron Horse” at his best, just pay attention, don’t miss it. It is going to be a lot of fire works going off, all of the great stuff you know to expect from “The Iron Horse”. The slick southpaw moves, the good jab, the good boxing techniques, as well as the powerful punches, so just tune in and check it out.

As a matter of fact, I want to give a big shout out to you man, and Greg Leon and everybody, the whole staff over there at Ya’ll do it real heavy out there, I hit ya’ll website every time I get the chance, and ya’ll be really killing them out there, so I want to give a good shout out to ya’ll.

RC: No doubt Sechew, we appreciate the love and you checking us out, on behalf of everybody from we would like to wish you the best of luck, and hope that you do your thing.

SP: Well you know how it goes, I didn’t have the best night on the 17th of June but I am not going to cut my head off. I learned from it and move forward; I can’t do what some people want me to do, like diss myself. Because when you diss yourself you are a fool.  Their too many people out there, that is willing to do that for you, so you can’t take part in that, I am just looking to get better from every performance, just get better and better to get the praise that I think I deserve.


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