Sauerland CEO continues to clear up rumors!


Sauerland CEO continues to clear up rumors!

It is great when you are involved in Heavyweight boxing at World level. Especially when you promote the Heavyweight Champion of the World. You do not have to open your mailbox, to see what other people want from you. All you have to do is to read the newspapers and check the internet, but as a matter of fact I do read my mails and I know exactly what is going on in our office.

Again, news reaches me that are without any real substance. Reports from the UK are saying that Nico Valuev will face the winner of Williams/Skelton next after his first defence on April 1. The real truth of the matter is that there have been absolutely no agreements on this; we not even have had any communication regarding such a match.

Naturally, Nico is ready and willing to fight anybody out there, but he can only do so one at a time.  Also, neither Williams nor Skelton are on our short list of possible contenders. How could they be? Neither is rated by the WBA.

Chris Meyer, CEO
Sauerland Event GmbH