Sam Peter Wants Wladimir Rematch ASAP But has no problem, "putting Vitali in a wheelchair first!"

By G. Leon


Sam Peter Wants Wladimir Rematch ASAP But has no problem, "putting Vitali in a wheelchair first!"

"Vitali Klitschko does not deserve title shot!"

GL: Congrats on your victory, can you give us some thoughts on your performance?  "I thank God for the victory and that I put a good performance. I was saying that I would bring excitement back to the heavyweight division and that all started (on Saturday night). Get ready because there's going to be more coming."

GL: Did Maskaev ever have you hurt at any point of the fight?

Samuel Peter: "No, not really. The foam on the mat was very slippery. My shoe was slipping on the canvas and I was trying to roll around."

GL: The first time you hard him hurt you seemed a bit too eager to finish him. The second time you hurt him, you finished him off with patience, can you give us some thoughts on that?

SP: "I was out of punches and I thought the referee was going to stop the fight, I threw all of the punches I could, then I was out and started backing up. After that I let him swing, and swing and get tired then when I hurt him again I just took my time and got him."

GL: After the Klitschko-Ibragimov fight was such a dud, how happy are you that you provided the fans with an exciting heavyweight KO?

SP: "You can't judge him on that fight because you don't know what happened, but winning is the most important part."

GL: The fight everybody wants to see now is you and Wladimir Klitschko, which Klitschko would you like the most?

SP: "Anyone that gets in the ring with me, I'm ready to fight any of them."

GL: I understand that, but Sam Peter must have a preference, based on the fact that Wladimir is the only man to defeat you, do you want to fight him the most?

SP: "Yeah, he is the one I want to fight the most, but the other one is the mandatory and I don't want to lose my title, so if I have to fight the other one first, then I'll fight Wladimir."

GL: Do you think Vitali Klitschko deserves to fight for the heavyweight championship?

SP: "No he doesn't deserve it. He's had many chances to fight and they never happened, now he wants to fight a young guy like me and I'm going to retire him finally. I'm going to put him in a wheelchair, that's what he wants."

GL: Was there anything about Maskaev that surprised you?

SP: "Yeah, I didn't know that the guy had a punch. He punches very hard, he was a much harder puncher than I thought and much bigger."

GL: What's the soonest you could be ready for your next fight?

SP: "I'm ready as soon as possible, we're ready to go."

GL: Closing thoughts?

SP: "I want to thank all of my fans, I love them for being there for me and more is coming. The Klitschko's are going down."


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