Sam Peter: "They will be picking up pieces of James Toney!"

By Brad Cooney


Sam Peter: "They will be picking up pieces of James Toney!" caught up with Heavyweight contender Samuel Peter and discussed his upcoming rematch against legendary James "Light Out" Toney. The rematch is scheduled for January
6th at the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in Hollywood Florida and will once again be televised by Showtime Championship Boxing. Sam Peter makes it clear in this interview that he isn't happy about having to fight Toney again, but vows to show everyone that the
first victory was not a fluke, and he plans on making a statement.


BT - Give me your thoughts on the rematch scheduled for Jan 6th against James Toney.

SP - Well I am not happy about it, but I'll do whatever I need to do to become world champion. The judges made the decision that I won that last time, so I don't know what's going on here. I believe that God will give me the victory over James Toney again.

BT - Are you concerned at all that you have some distractions in your head having to fight him again ?

SP - This time around I have to show everyone that I won last time, and I will win this time again. In order to be Heavyweight Champion of The World, it's not easy. To be the true Heavyweight
Champion you have to prove it.

BT - Do you think fighting James Toney the second time will be easier being you have seen what he brings now ?

SP - I believe that everything in God is possible. I think it will be easier this time, and I will prove that I will be true Heavyweight Champion.

BT - If you win the fight, you win the right to fight Oleg Maskaev. How do you match up against Maskaev ?

SP - Well for now I am not concerned on that, I am focused on winning against James Toney and then I will move on.

BT - Is there anything that you do differently against James Toney the second time?

SP - People will see different things from me, but James Toney has been fighting the same style for 60 fights, and I don't think he will bring anything into the ring that I haven't seen already.

BT - Are you going to knock James Toney out Sam ?

SP - I am ready to knock him out.

BT - Closing thoughts Sam ?

SP - This time, watch out. They will be picking up James Toney pieces this time around.


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