Sam Peter: "I'll knock Ruiz out in three rounds!"

By G. Leon


Sam Peter: "I'll knock Ruiz out in three rounds!"

GL: Congratulations on your impressive showing the other night. How do you feel about your performance? "It was a good fight. Sykes is a good boxer. He has a good jab and a good punch, but I was just too focusedĀ and I did what I had to do."

GL: Where do you go from here?

Sam Peter: "Well next is going to be John Ruiz. We're looking to get a world championship fight in my next fight."

GL: Do you think you're ready to fight for a world championship?

SP: "What do you think? I'll let you play matchmaker."

GL: If I was a matchmaker we wouldn't be doing an interview, butĀ I'd pick you to beat John Ruiz.

SP: "Well there it is. That's the fight I want and I'm already back in the gym, now we need to see if John Ruiz wants to fight."

GL: What do you think of Ruiz as a fighter?

SP: "That doesn't matter, I know I'd send him packing in round three. He brings his ugly style and I'll give him an ugly loss."

GL: What do you think about his performance against James Toney?

SP: "I don't respect people who have to take drugs to fight. Be natural and use what God gave you, then when you win you'll know it's all you."

GL: Why look to fight John Ruiz when fights with Chris Byrd or Lamon Brewster would be more attractive?

SP: "You know why I want to fight John Ruiz? Because I don't think the other guys are available. And I don't really think people recognize Brewster's title. When I become heavyweight champion of the world I want it to be for a belt like the WBA, or WBC, a belt that people will recognize."


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