Sam Peter: After my Big Time Knockout, I'm coming for the Klitschko's

By G. Leon


Sam Peter: After my Big Time Knockout, I'm coming for the Klitschko's

"I'm going to chop them all down to size!"

GL: Samuel, can we have some final thoughts going into your defense against Jameel McCline? "Right now I am focused on this fight, I'm not thinking about Maskaev anymore, I'm just looking forward to this fight tomorrow night. I've been training hard, I have my title, I'm the heavyweight champion of the world and tomorrow night I have to bring McCline down."

GL: What do you think about McCline as a fighter?

Sam Peter: "All I know is he's a big tall fighter, and he's going to fall down. I'm going to chop him down."

GL: What was your reaction when Masakev first pulled out?

SP: "It was upsetting. I wanted to take the belt from him in the ring, this guy has been running from me for a year and I don't believe he wanted to fight me."

GL: Does McCline go the distance?

SP: "No. He's going down Big Time (laughs)"

GL: We all know you want to fight the Klitschko's, with his height, does McCline serve as the perfect measuring stick for the brothers Klitschko?

SP: "They're all big tall guys and I got to show the world I adjust myself to a big man like that. It's going to be a good night for me, and after McCline I'm coming for the Klitschko brothers."

GL: How much more would you have rather becoming champion following a victory in the ring?

SP: "It doesn't matter to me. I won my title against James Toney twice. I'm the champion now and I'm going to make history at Madison Square Garden. I'm going to be fighting in a brand new ring and I'm very excited to be here for this fight."

GL: Is there anything you'd like to say in closing?

SP: "Thank you Boxingtalk, you guys are the best."


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