Salmaci to Smith: "You are mentally unstable homey!"

By Tarick Salmaci


Salmaci to Smith: "You are mentally unstable homey!"

You want to give me your homey this and homey that lines from a song?  Ill give you one. This is a line from a song that fits you perfectly...for those 50 cent fans, you will know this one... "Daaamn homey, in high school you was the maaan homey, what the f??ck happened to you"...because that's what you were coming out of high school. You were the man, and everybody was talking about how good of a fighter Ishe Smith is. Now the only thing they talk about is the way you complain like a bitch. Im not the only one Ishe. Did you ever look around and maybe figure out it was you, when so many people feel this way about you. Im not going to waste my time writing a lengthy negative response like you did because I don't have time for it. I'm too busy. You are right, I have to go rehab and flip a home or sell another home so that I can make more money in one day then you have made all year. So don't even go there. I'm not going to get upset at an email that was written by some dude with mental issues. Do you even have an education? I would be surprised if you graduated from high school. I bet that you probably even blamed all your teachers for your bad grades. Lets get one thing straight. You dislike me, but I do not dislike you. That is because I feel sorry for you. You can't hate somebody you feel sorry for. You can have your opinions about me and state them. Who cares? They all laugh at you anyway. I know I am. Do you know how many emails I got thanking me for posting an article that said what many people had on their minds and wanted to say? A lot. They were thanking me cuz...One thing I will defend though, is my integrity and being accused of cheating. To my fans, I would never cheat. I never admitted to that. Somebody once questioned me about that, and I got offended. I've been a professional a lot longer than Ishe Smith has. I have also accumulated a lot more fans than he has. I have them worldwide. My fights used to be broadcast in Europe and throughout the Middle East. Get out of your warped world Ishe and start looking outside the box.  Did you forget I was on the Howard Stern show and my website had 60,000 hits in one hour? I had a link on there for people to vote for me in the fan favorite. To accuse me of being a cheater is accusing me of being dishonest. Look in the mirror. Who is the one that preaches God this and God that, then signs a huge promotional deal with a promoter, gets a huge signing bonus, then files bankruptcy to get out of his contract and stiffs the promoter. Gary Shaw and Shelly Finkel will vouch for that. That's a true Christian? Is that the Christianity you preach Ishe?  So maybe you should get your facts straight before you accuse me of something. Better yet, get some class, then talk to me. WWJD?(What Would Jesus Do?) This is a motto that good Christians live by. I have a lot of good Christian friends who live by this motto. You on the other hand, preach it and then make negative attacks on everybody. You hypocrite.

God Bless...Tarick
P.S.  Please, to everybody reading this...mark my words, within two years time, Ishe Smith will have the same negative things to say about Golden Boy Promotions as he has about his previous two promoters..The Contender and Gary Shaw promotions...And one more thing Detroit, we call guys like you bitches...


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