Salmaci: Im Getting Sick And Tired Of Ishe's Lies

By. Tarick Salmaci


Salmaci: Im Getting Sick And Tired Of Ishe's Lies

I read Ishe Smith's “daily mailbag” question and answer with the boxing fans. One fan brought up the grudge Ishe had with Sergio Mora. Ishe is stating over and over again how he beat Sergio and felt he got robbed on the decision. He is also upset about the fact that the one judge had it the fight scored 5-0 for Sergio. I just want to say enough is enough. It’s over Ishe. You lost the fight fair and square. Did one of the judge’s score it lopsided? Yes. But that’s boxing. What is important was that the result was right. I’ve seen the uncut tape of the fight. Sergio’s defense gave you problems and you were missing a lot.  He outboxed you that night. It was somewhat close, but an easy fight to call. The room did boo that night …but from the un-edited fight I seen, they were booing at your poor sportsmanship when the cards were read, not at the result. You probably will never get a shot at Sergio Mora again unless you become world champion. Like that fan that wrote, "Sergio has nothing to gain by fighting you again right now". So just let it go Ishe. I am getting sick and tired of going to Boxingtalk and listening to you cry over and over again when you did not even feel this way right after your fight with Sergio or even in the loser's mansion days afterwards. You need to quit crying about it and just move on. As a matter of fact, if you hadn't complained so much you probably would have had your rematch with Sergio by now. But you kept crying and "The Contender" got sick and tired of it and gave you your release. Therefore, you ruined your opportunity for your rematch. If you would have been promoted by "The Contender", you probably would of had more fights since the show, been paid much more than you are now, and gotten your rematch with Sergio. It would have been huge! You chose your own destiny buddy. Like I said, I’m sick of all the crying. I can't call you and tell you any of this because you won't even take my calls. Why is that? There is no reason. It seems like you have these little voices in your head telling you that everybody is out to get you, when in fact many of those people want to see good for you and help you. I was one of those people. You turned your back on me and many of the other people who cared and wanted to see the best for you. Not everybody is out to get you Ishe. You know me, I’m as real as they get. I tell you like it is. And I’m telling you for your own good, stop with all of your blaming people for this and that. Take blame yourself. This is the best advice somebody can give you. I’m telling you this because you are going to continue to ruin your career with all the turmoil. If you ever get your head straight, you could have a great career and become a world champion. I know that deep down your a good person.

       The public statements that you have made about "The Contender" are embarrassing and untrue. The fans should here that from someone who was there. Statements like "I should be picking cotton wearing a Mark Burnett t-shirt” and “The Contender has the blood of Najai Turpin on their hands” is offensive and inaccurate. That is pure spite on your part, not truth. You've said that Sergio knows you beat him. No, quite the contrary. Boxingtalk should ask him directly about that. Where did all this come from Ishe? Not once did you complain about the decision in the loser's mansion after your fight. Yes, you complained to me way after filming was over. But that was way after the fact once the public knew you lost your fight. You complained how you were upset that judge scored it 5-0. Big deal! Again, that's boxing bro. There have been guys that should have won fights and clearly gotten robbed of the decision. This was not one of those cases. I now have evidence to prove you did not feel this way right after the fight. I have the only un-edited post fight interview after your Sergio Mora fight.(See Below)

         In the post fight interview, you say how happy you are to be part of something so big (The Contender). You talk about what a great experience it was that you will always cherish and how much you learned from the experience. You again said it was the best experience of your life. You said you were hurt about losing, not hurt about being robbed. You said, "Tonight I failed." Not once did you mention being robbed. Don't believe me? See for yourself. You can watch the video. You took your defeat like a man in that post fight interview. You should watch the interview and take some notes. I respect that guy in the video. The Ishe I know now is not the guy I thought he was.

       And you are going to say your famous line after reading this, "who is Tarick to be saying all this, he is nothing, blah blah blah". For those of you who did not know me pre-Contender, I fought a lot longer than Ishe and accomplished more than he has thus far in his career. I was rated 4th by the WBO and 6th by the WBC for three years straight. I was the NABO-WBO Super Middleweight Champion. I never did get my shot at the world title, even though I had a signed contract to fight Joe Calzaghe back in the late 90's. The fight was cancelled when Calzaghe got injured.

       The Tarick on "The Contender" was only a glimpse of my old self. The Contender was my first fight in 3 1/2 years, with only 2 months notice! Never lifted a glove or ran a mile in 3 1/2 years. I then dropped 25 pounds and tried to get into boxing shape in just 2 months. You saw the results, but not once did you hear me complain, make up excuses, blame the judges, or blame the Contender people. I could have said I got robbed. My fight with Juan de la Rosa was close. I put Juan out of the tournament with injuries. Shouldn't I have been the one to come back out of default? I put Juan out, why wasn't I the one to come back on the show? Shouldn't I have complained about that, too? I didn't. That's my style. I take my loss like a man and move on.

    I now have a successful career in the real estate market. I am done fighting and not even looking back at it. So you know I am not writing this for any type of publicity. I was happy to be given the opportunity on "The Contender". We were all treated fairly and given a chance of a lifetime. I hope Ishe understands this and comes to his senses so that he will have a successful boxing career and becomes a world champion. I have no grudge against you Ishe. But, if you now have a grudge against me for being honest and telling the truth, then we can settle this. Just have your promoter call me. I never signed with The Contender and I am a free agent. So if you have a problem with me, we can settle it. If not, then I am cool with you. I have no problem with you outside your complaining and making up things about the people behind The Contender. You should apologize and just move on. I know I have moved on.

        I do believe Ishe is a fighter with great skills who can be a world champion. But take it from me, Ishe, you are going to continue to put yourself in deep water with your constant complaining and thinking everybody is out to get you. Take a look at that video again. It speaks loudly. If you want to know how a guy truly feels after a defeat, speak to him right after the fight. That is when the truth comes out. See for yourself.(Below)

                     God bless... Tarick
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