Ruiz-Toney Declared No-Contest


Ruiz-Toney Declared No-Contest

PRESS RELEASE: Team Ruiz was formally notified today by the New York State Athletic Commission that the April 30th World Boxing Association heavyweight championship fight between defending champion John "The Quietman" Ruiz and challenger James "Lights Out" Toney has been officially declared a "No Decision" because Toney violated the illegal substance rule.

Toney was suspended 90 days and fined $10,000. Team Ruiz is waiting for the WBA to enforce rule18:23 (3), disqualifying Toney and automatically reinstating Ruiz as world heavyweight champion. "We are waiting for the WBA to immediately implemented its rule," Ruiz' attorney Anthony Cardinale explained. "It's as clear as it can be. We're glad the truth has come out and Johnny hasn't lost his championship."

WBA Rule 18:23

3.  If the challenger wins the championship fight and his antidrug test is positive and the losing champion has a negative result, then the champion shall retain his title in spite of the loss and the challenger shall be disqualified and shall not box for the title from the World Boxing Association during the next two (2) years and only after presentation of medical evidence that he has been rehabilitated.  

"All I've ever heard was how bad Johnny Ruiz was for boxing," Ruiz' manager/head trainer Norman Stoney" Stone said. "Who's bad for boxing now? Toney's always talking about being a man. Well, he should be a man and admit what he did instead of making excuses. He can't talk trash about us anymore. Toney said he only fears God; he should fear the New York State Athletic Commission, too.

"Toney shot his mouth off, talking a lot of BS and degrading Johnny. But who's going to have the last laugh? I believe everybody in his corner should be responsible, including Dan Goossen. They can make up all of the 'the dog ate my homework' excuses they want, but Toney flunked his test and they should own up to it."