Rubin Williams gearing up for Antwun Echols

By Matt Goldstein


Rubin Williams gearing up for Antwun Echols

"Dynamite" is meeting "Hollywood" in the ring on January 12, 2007 at the Palace in Auburn Hills, Michigan.  Super middleweight contender Rubin "Hollywood" Williams will take brawling veteran Antwun "Kid Dynamite" Echols.  "Fight Night at the Palace" will be co-promoted by Silverhawk Championship Boxing, Fight Night Inc., and Artie Pelullo's Banner Promotions.   Rubin "Hollywood" Williams has reeled off three straight wins and is looking for the fourth with a win over Echols, well-known for two fights with Bernard Hopkins.  "Kid Dynamite" is the most experienced fighter Williams has faced over the course of his pro career.   Having been in the ring with opponents such as Hopkins, Charles Brewer, Anthony Mundine, Kingsely Ikeke, Kabary Salem and Muhamad Said, Echols will provide an amount of experience immeasurable to a rising contender such as Williams.   After brawling Hopkins twice and destroying Charles "the Hatchet" Brewer in an all-out war, the heavy handed Echols will force Williams to use his boxing skills in order evade being caught with serious firepower.  
The former track star and amateur stand out Williams is proud to be taking a run at the minor IBA 168-pound title in front of his home crowd in Detroit, MI. "I feel fabulous.   Most of my fights were at home.  I was away for a while but I am thankful to be back."     
Williams commented further on how to deal the heavy hands of Echols.  "He has to be one of the hardest punchers I have ever faced.   He is an aggressive fighter but I am an aggressive fighter too.  I am looking to keep him on the outside but if he wants to go on the inside we can do that too.    It's going to be a great fight."  
If Williams does get past Echols, he will look to immediately secure a fight with a major title holder.  "I am looking to fight Mikkel Kessler.   I know he's coming over to the states.  I am looking to fight for a title.   Calzaghe is just interested in fighting names so hopefully Mikkel Kessler will give me a shot."   Although Calzaghe will most likely be facing Contender star Peter Manfredo in April, the WBA and WBC super middleweight champion Mikkel Kessler might be looking to fight an American opponent in America.               
Williams' promoter, Silverhawk Championship Boxing, is also looking to put Williams in with major competition.    Silverhawk matchmaker Al Mermini explains, "We think Rubin Williams is a talented super middleweight.   He took [and lost] the [Jeff] Lacy fight on 2 weeks notice but we feel with the appropriate preparation, Williams can compete with any super middleweight on the planet.   I think he has the talent to win many titles and Antwun Echols is a good fight to make a statement.   After taking care of Echols next month, anybody and everybody in the top ten is on our radar and anyone who has a belt is on our radar.   We are ready." 


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