Roy Jones Jr to Bernard Hopkins: Just send me the contract for 50-50 and the fight is on!

By G. Leon


Roy Jones Jr to Bernard Hopkins: Just send me the contract for 50-50 and the fight is on!

"After I get done with Bernard again, I'm going after Tarver!"

GL: Now that you're aware of Bernard Hopkins interest in the rematch for his July 14 HBO PPV date, what are your thoughts on the situation? "What can I say? If he's going to treat me fairly I be there to promote everything. It's like he said this is a fight of legends. I am also a businessman, I love making money, I enjoy working and I enjoy promoting as long as I'm working for myself. I don't want to work too much for nobody else but if we're going to do it that way where we're both promoting it and we're both making money on it, why would I not promote it? I'm not stupid, I'm just crazy."

GL: So these concerns that he has about you not wanting to help promote the fight are non-issues?

Roy Jones Jr: "He has no worries about that. He has no worries about that because that rematch would be the biggest fight of the year, it would be the biggest selling fight of the year. Out of all the people out there I didn't think he was interested in doing too much fighting, but if that's what he wants, hell yeah I'll fight him and I'll do everything necessary to make sure it's promoted right."

GL: But it's very important that he does as he said and recognize you as a legend realizing it takes two to tango.

RJJ: "That's right because without me it's no fight and without him there's no fight. I bring as much to the table as he does and as long as he agrees to that, we could go to work, I'm ready."

GL: Obviously Bernard's biggest motivation would be to avenge his 1993 loss to you. He feels that's the last fight he truly lost...

RJJ: (cutting in) "I understand that and I compeltely agree with him because I think that's the last time he lost a fight as well. I knew he would be man enough to avenge that because he's a true champion so I knew he would be back and it would just be a matter of time. Jermain never really beat him and as easily as he beat Tarver, that's how easy I would beat Jermain so it's like he said styles make fights. We'll make it happen and we'll shut those doors down, all he has to do is let me know the date and when the promotion starts and I'll be ready to go."

GL: You made it clear to me that you want to get one more of those belts around your waist. Bernard holds no sanctioning body belt, but he does hold the status and recognition of being the light heavyweight king.

RJJ: "It's like he said, this is legend versus legend. Damn a belt, when you have two legends in there the belt doesn't matter. It's just like he said if Michael Jordan was going to play one on one with Magic Johnson or Larry Bird, people would want to see who's going to win. That's what he's saying and I completely agree wit him."

GL: In our last few convo's you've pretty much shrugged off the idea of fighting Hopkins again because you felt that since he beat Tarver he was going to ask for the sun, moon and stars...

RJJ: (cutting in) "But he just cleared that up for me. If he's going to treat me like the legend that I am we're both coming to the table together and it's a wrap. I give him my word that I will promote everything. If we're fighting and we're both making money for one another we got us a 50-50 deal because we're both legends and one of can't make this fight without the other one, then I'm willing to do whatever it takes to promote just like he is."

GL: But you just said 50-50, would it take parity to get the fight done?

RJJ: "It got to be parity as long as we're getting parity we'll be good. But I didn't really get into it with you before because I don't want to be arguing with nobody about who deserves what. When I was on top I was making sure that us fighters had a chance in this game, I held it down for everybody for as long as I could. I made them look at us differently about us being the fighters and us being the ones to get what we deserve. Me and him fighting and we're making partity, we're going to do what we're supposed to do so why wouldn't I promote it?."

GL: Even though you've been reluctant to discuss the Hopkins rematch, is Hopkins the fight you always wanted the most?

RJJ: "Not really because I knew he would come back. He's a Capricorn, I knew he'd be back. A Capricorn has to come back and Capricorn's can't say no. When I get through Hopkins again, I'm going to get right back at Tarver's ass because as long as I'm still here and he's still fighting he's going to have to whoop me again because I will be back. Capricorn's don't stop, they got to know that."

GL: How does a fight with you and Hopkins play out 14 years after the original?

RJJ: "I have no elaboration on that until the contract is signed so don't call me to talk about him no more until we have a signed contract. If he's going to do what he says they're going to do then he has to go out there and get the contract to me as soon as possible."

GL: Who does Golden Boy Promotions need to contact to try and make this fight?

RJJ: "Roy Jones Jr. All they have to do is call my office and talk to Linda Padgett and we'll look over them right away. And tell him he's not going to have to worry about me promoting the fight, whatever we need to do to promote the fight Roy Jones Jr will be there."

GL: If it's not going to be Hopkins for whatever reason, has there been any update...

RJJ: (cutting in) "Not really. I've been leaving things open because I knew he was coming. They were talking about some fight for the WBO #1, but I wouldn't want to waste time with those guys if I could fight Bernard. And he's got to want it because there's nothing else this big out there for him so he can't help but to want it. He's a Capricorn he got to want this."


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