Roy Jones Jr. Speaks!

By G. Leon


Roy Jones Jr. Speaks! placed several calls to former pound for pound king Roy Jones Jr., primarily to see if he's alright, and secondly to see where his career stands. Members click here for the first remarks made public by Jones since his second consecutive knockout loss.

Jones Jr.'s voicemail box was full, so we were unable to leave him a message but he's updated hisĀ cell phone's automatedĀ greeting to the following...

"I'm good, don't be tripping. I thank God, because he puts all of us through trials and tribulations. I knew one time might not have been enough so he sent me through another one, but things happen this way sometimes.

"The doctors said I was a little dehydrated, but I'm good so I'll be right back on track again come tomorrow. Don't trip, I'm cool, I appreciate your call if you're calling because you're concerned about me.

"Those that hate can continue to hate, it's all good. Aight, Peace."