Roy Jones Jr: None of them are in a rush to fight me, but somebody is going to have to step up to the plate soon!

By G. Leon


Roy Jones Jr: None of them are in a rush to fight me, but somebody is going to have to step up to the plate soon!

GL: What's the latest and greatest Jones? 'Ain't too much happening still. Just kind of laying in limbo waiting to see what's going down. We've got a lot of big fights this month. We've got the four light heavyweights fighting and we've got Calzaghe and Hopkins fight. Those are some good fights and we're going to have to wait and see if something good comes out of it. The thing is if nothing good comes out of it, I'm going to roll."

GL: Can you give us some final thoughts on the two fights for Saturday night?

RJ: "I like the Dawson-Johnson fight. I think it's a good fight for Dawson, but it could be a tough fight for Chad because Glen is relentless and strong and he's going to be coming for him so we're going to be able to find out a whole lot about Chad Dawson, we're going to be able to find out if he's the real deal or not. The Tarver fight will be another interesting fight. It just depends on which Tarver shows up."

GL: If you had your choice of any of the fighters that see action this weekend, which one is your preference?

RJ: "I really wouldn't care. I'd fight everyone of them. I don't really care."

GL: Are you disappointed that it's been almost three months since the win over Trinidad and you're still waiting for some sort of direction as it relates to your next move?

RJ: "As far as being disappointed not really, because I kind of knew that if I looked good against Trinidad they were going to start avoiding me again, so it's kind of what I expected, I can't lie to you. If you look vulnerable inside the ring they all want to fight you, once you don't, nobody is tripping to hard to get into the ring with you."

GL: What do you think the chances are of you facing a winner from Saturday night or the winner of Calzaghe-Hopkins?

RJ: "I think if Calzaghe wins the fight I won't have too much of a problem making the fight with Calzaghe. I think Calzaghe really wants to fight the best of the best and I think that he understands and knows that he's got to fight. Even if he beats Hopkins that's not saying nothing because Hopkins is much older than I am. I don't think anybody wants to see Clinton Woods-Glen Johnson IV, so if Clinton Woods and Glen Johnson are the winners, I could fight both of those guys. If Dawson and Tarver are the winners, people are going to want to see them fight each other first, so then I'd look for the winner of that."

GL: How long will you let it go before you secure a fight just to fight if one of these marquee fights can't get done?

RJ: "One of them will get done, trust me. I really believe one of them will get done."

GL: So is your preference Calzaghe?

RJ: "Yep and then after that it don't matter."

GL: Do you think Calzaghe can take a decision over Bernard in Vegas?

RJ: "I think he will, I really think he will."

GL: Closing thoughts?

RJ: "I still think I'm one of the best fighters out there pound for pound, I understand why they don't want to fight me, but somebody gotta step up to the plate soon!"


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