Roy Jones Jr: Hanshaw not going the distance!"

By G. Leon


Roy Jones Jr: Hanshaw not going the distance!"

GL: Can you give us some thoughts with the ticket sales for your upcoming fight with Anthony Hanshaw going so well? "It's wonderful and it's happening because people realize they're going to get a good fight. It's no bum we're fighting and we're in the position where if you put two men in the position where they've either got to win or go him, you're going to get a fight. People are realizing that this ain't one of those fights to see how I look and it doesn't mean people are looking at this a tune-up fight for me. No, this is a challenger right now. Either I go in there win and keep fighting, or I lose and stop.

"It don't make no sense for me to keep going if I get beat by Anthony Hanshaw. Unless it's a wonderful fight. If it's a wonderful fight it could be different, but if he beats me there's no real reason for me to keep fighting.

GL: In a press release sent out earlier today, Anthony Hanshaw said you're getting retired on July 14. Are you surprised to a fighter unproven at the top level is talking this way about you?

Roy Jones Jr: "No because he's undefeated and he feels like he's got a chance to win. He must think I'm done and that's good, but we're going to see what he thinks on July 14 because there is another side of that story. Oscar and Floyd did a lot of talking before they got in the ring. Floyd backed his talking up, Oscar didn't. Floyd said he was going to win the fight easy and he did just that and that's just how it was. Anybody can talk, but can you go in there and back it up?"

GL: And based on our discussions you're feeling very good these days.

RJJ: "I'm fitting to have some fun again."

GL: Do you see Hanshaw going the distance?

RJJ: "Nope I don't see that. The way I'm feeling and the pressure I plan on applying there's no way he's going the distance."

GL: After seeing how tickets have been flying down there in the Gulf Coast, can we expect to see you there more often?

RJJ: "It does make me think I should because they're showing that they want me and need me and if they're going to show this kind of support it's only right to give them what they want to see."

GL: Was this just the date this fight had to take place on because a lot of people are wondering why this fight was scheduled for the night that HBO triple header featuring Gatti and Margarito takes place?

RJJ: "I had to get it in and I can't keep waiting around. Everybody knows Gatti's story and he's a great fighter, but you know what he's up against and you know what you're going to get. If you want to watch a skillful boxer do this thang, that's what I stand for. The choice is yours. I'm fighting an undefeated fighter and this ain't no tune up. This fight is for me to prove that I better still have it."

GL: Is there anything you'd like to say in closing?

RJJ: "Closing thoughts for the fans are, it's wonderful to be back in action again. I love to perform for my fans. I can't wait to put on a show for Biloxi."


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